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I hear a deep and masculine growl in Josh's office. Along with a ton of things being thrown. Lucas had some important news to tell him and apparently it isn't being handled as well as one could hope. Riley looks terrified and instinctively steps closer to me, and while my mate is growling and tearing up his office I'm laughing. It's weird that an Alpha's growl and destruction is funny to me, is it the mate bond? Is that what this is? Or is it because I am an Alpha? The heavy wooden door of his office is thrown open and Lucas hastily shuts it with bug eyes, "Um he's just having a moment."

I roll my eyes and saunter inside the office, the desk was split in two and on the opposite side of the room where I assumed it would go. Only because the desk chair is torn to shreds, the bookcases have collapsed and quite frankly nothing looks right in here. I could go on and on like the flipped couches and shredded curtains. "Is my Alpha having a temper tantrum?"

At the sound of my voice he flicks his head in my direction and I'm in his arms in about a second. Out of instinct he wraps his arms around my back and I let out a cry of pain. "Shit baby girl I'm so sorry." I push him off slightly and fight back the few tears that are willing themselves to come out. "Maya baby I'm so sorry. I would never-"

"It's okay, I swear." I can move robotically at this point, there are still a few deep gashes and they are incredibly sore but all in all I'm alive and well. I retract my claws that came out on instinct that were digging into my hand and sigh once the pain subsides. "Um temper tantrum. Why are you having one?"

He furrows his brows and pecks my lips, "I was not having a temper tantrum."

I glance around at the room that could once have been classified as a workspace. "You sure?" I quip.

"Yes. I have misunderstandings and fits of rage." I don't really know if that's better, I step closer to him and wrap his arms around my neck, "Lucas told me a piece of unfortunate news."

I can hear the confliction in his voice. "You should tell me, I have a feeling this effects both of us."

He nods his head and presses several light kisses to my temple. "Katie and her family have protection." I don't say anything because that doesn't really surprise me. It is unfortunate but what's done is done. I need to fly under the radar from now on. "It ruins my plan to tear her apart." He growls aggressively. "This isn't over Maya they will pay for what they've done."

I shake my head and as an Alpha he isn't quite used to that gesture, "You and I both need to fly under the radar as much as possible Josh."

I know he's about to ask me why but the knock on the door announces Farkle's presence. "Alpha, Luna-"

"Maya." I correct.

"Luna." Josh demands.

I roll my eyes and realize I need to pick my fights, "Alpha we have the car prepared for her departure." He groans and rests his forehead against mine. So childish, he's been pouting about me leaving since I broke the news to him yesterday. "Also there is an audience downstairs."

"Audience?" I give him a curious look.

A flicker of amusement sparks in his eyes, "Yes Luna the pack has been very curious about you since word was spread about what you did for Alpha." It's not crowds that bother me, I was raised around them it is the amount of attention. "They're waiting in the foyer." Oh Goddess! So I'm going to descend down the staircase with all eyes on me? That's my nightmare. My father always made his appearance a huge ordeal, I knew I'd never do that. I would be an Alpha that someone could trust, just because I was born from a specific male and female does not make me better than the weaker wolves, the omega's.

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