Chapter.35.Welcome the Beta.<3

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'Crescent Moon.'

My heart begins to race, my breathing rapid as I try to regain my composure. But it doesn't work, I can feel all eyes on me as I process the new information. Kris' mother is being held by my father... by the Crescent Moon Pack. In their cells, gripping my head I begin to fall to the ground as memories flood into my mind. Days and nights of torture in that terrible place.

No matter the situation, my father doesn't hold wolves and not harm them. Possibilities of the health of his mother coming to mind. Tears falling to the floor in small puddles, "Alpha." I barely make out Lucas' voice as he tries to convince my mate to step in and help me. Instead of warm sparks and the feeling of euphoria, a pair of cold hands lift me from the ground. Water in my eyes making it difficult to make out anything. His hands lifting under my arms, our foreheads touch for the briefest of moments and he screams out, only to have me falling on the ground again. I didn't have my wall up, he saw some of my past. Part of my new gift.

"Riley!" I heave out and seconds later, I see a head of dark hair in front of me. Her soft lavender scent invading my nostrils, "W-we have t-to get her out." She only nods and embraces me.

"I know." She whispers. "But please Maya do not shift. Amber, you'll injure her more if you shift." I didn't even realize my entire body was shaking. Riley pleading with my wolf to stay inside, Amber complies but she's wondering where Josh is at.

Turning to my right, I see Lucas with teary eyes as he glares to the male on my left. Kris in front of me, staring wide eyed and gaping at the same male. My mate standing there, I can feel Jax calling out to me wanting to comfort me and tell me he loves me, but Josh stands firm. My heart instantly hurts, my throat constricting.

'But mate loves us.' Amber tries to reassure me, like I had done just last night when I chastised her for being hateful to our mate. Except her words came out as more of a question than I think she wanted. Why is he so mad right now? Kris wasn't the reason we were attacked.

Riley steps back while I continue to glance at my male. "I'm now seeing the male I was mated to." Glancing at the shocked eyes around the office, airing out our dirty laundry in front of leadership. This could heavily impact the pack whenever Alpha and Luna don't see eye to eye. "Kris, you're moving into the pack house. Gather your stuff, if Katie asks tell her I invited you. She'll think of it as a way for me to keep tabs on you since she sold you out. Play it off that way." Nodding and bowing his head in respect he leaves the room, trying to hide his worry. My reaction to the pack that was holding his mother did little to comfort him. Feigning interest in the floor I hold back my tears. "Excuse me."

Limping out of the office and heading towards our room, I held in my tears for years. I can do it again, I can do this. I can be strong, I don't need a male who treats me that way whenever he doesn't get his way. Grabbing a bag from the closet, loading it with clothes and a few things from my bathroom. Staring at our closet, my mind conflicted on if I should take something that holds Josh's scent to prevent nightmares.

Immediately dismissing that thought, I went years without a mate's scent and I handled the nightmares. Taking the lone key from my vanity, the silver glistening from the light in the room. I know where I'm going. I want to run, I want to go on a run so badly. Reigning Amber back in, I step outside of our bedroom and towards the elevator. Minutes later, I'm grabbing a pair of keys off the peg board and stalking towards the car that flashes when I click the unlock button.

I feel voices prying at my block but I don't let my wall down. Peeling out of the garage in the Audi R8, I speed off of pack lands, thanking the Moon Goddess my lease on my apartment isn't up for another month but cursing the fact that Josh had finished my payments for me so I wouldn't have to work anymore. The ride is silent as I mull over my thoughts.

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