Chapter.28.Breaking a Bond.<3.

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Whenever I had first left my father I was terrified quite frankly. I think I ran for over 24 hours before I stopped to even eat anything and only drinking for a minute or two. I held every belief that if my father ever found me again then I'd either A) be dead or B) lose my mind. I knew I wouldn't mentally survive if I were to ever be caught by him. I'd go crazy. And he'd enjoy every minute of it until he'd make me forget about everything that had happened. That I ever left, that I found my mate that I became Luna and that's when he'd turn me over to Alpha Thomas. After months and months of endless torture, I'd lose all hope that anyone was coming for me. And worse, I wouldn't be any wiser to all the great things that had happened. Which is how my father wanted it.

Complete and utter submission.

He's always wanted to control me and I've never let him. That probably agitated him more than anything. Fueling his anger every time he'd beat me. I never let him break me.

I knew he'd attack soon, I knew he'd find me and take me away from my new family. The mistake I made was underestimating how soon he'd attack, how soon he'd find me and steal me from my happiness. From someone who had been through what I had, I didn't think I'd take anything for granted. I was under the impression I'd be too strong for my father to bring any harm to me. So right now as the car is flipping for the third time and I feel as if I'm slowly losing consciousness, I can't help but worry about my mate. He's trying to protect me, his hands desperately reaching for my head. Trying to keep it from hitting anything, too late. But it's the thought that counts. My side strategically hitting the ground with every roll downhill since we were somehow gaining air. Picking up speed as we went. I took Josh for granted, I should have swallowed my pride when I first found him and relished in those few extra days of having him and loving him, him loving me.

I know as soon as this car comes to a halt, I'll be dragged away to my death. If not by Kermit's men by death itself. "MAYA!" Josh's eyes widening as he takes in the last flip of our car. A tree. I'm going to hit it, my head already thrusting towards the broken window. "NO!"

One loud crash vibrates through my ears. Until everything is ringing, hurriedly blinking spots out of my vision to check on Josh. The metallic scent of blood invading my nostrils, a mixture of mine and his. Looking at my mate he's ripping a large shard of glass shakily out of his leg. There's a large chunk in my stomach, it hurts to breathe. My head is throbbing and I'm sure to lose consciousness soon.

Hearing snarling and growling, I'm not sure who is fighting but I'm struggling to catch my breath. "Maya stay with me baby. It'll be okay." Sobs barely heard and registered by me. The one thing I do make out is that my mate is crying... for me.

"I love you." The taste of blood dripping onto my tongue from a few wounds I can feel stinging on my face. My wolf having no idea where to start to begin to heal me, she's exhausted too.

"NO! Don't you do that!" Unbuckling his seatbelt he starts to pull himself out of the window. I inhale deeply, enduring the pain-I just need oxygen.


"NO! NO! NO!" If I wasn't dizzy before I am now. The scent is so strong and I'm worried that the car will burst into flames in moments. I see Josh crawling towards my side of the window. The trunk of the tree is blocking my only way out. Hearing grunts and multiple string of curses as he tries to move the car. "COME ON SON OF A BITCH!" More tears.

I'm still hearing snarling and snapping jaws. "Josh." I barely whisper it out.

"NO Maya, I'm getting you out of this car baby girl. Just hold on! Stay awake. Please, I love you. Please stay with me. P-Please don't leave me."

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