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The badass Luna  by batmanisbeast
The badass Luna by THE QUEEN TRINY
Skyler Johnson moved from New York to Austin Texas with her mom and dad. At her old school Skyler was a bad ass everyone was afraid of her. Jake white the badass and pl...
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The unnoticed by yasmine658
The unnoticedby Yasmine
After Layla is forced on a rip across the country to visit all of the packs in the U.S.A. a lot of unexpected things happens. She meets her mate for starters and is not...
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Caffeine Knight ALPA Ft. Profesor Frik by HanatsukiSakura
Caffeine Knight ALPA Ft. Sakura Hanatsuki
Seorang Barista tampan yang tidak sengaja terjebak dalam misi penyelamatan dunia. Dibantu oleh seorang Profesor gila, menghadapi serangan para monster yang mengancam kes...
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Beauty and the Beast by KaegoUsio
Beauty and the Beastby LIBRA
He despised them. For he could not understand how his father could love such fickle and fibble minded creations. So he rebelled. He was cast down to earth with a curse...
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I'm The Real Alpha Here by RuthieClaire
I'm The Real Alpha Hereby Ruthie Claire
Coralin is tough, fearless, and strong. She became the alpha of her dads pack when he died. She had never heard of werewolves before ,but in the stories her grandma rea...
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Dragons (#1): Smoke Mountain by UKnowULovin
Dragons (#1): Smoke Mountainby UKnowULovin
Alla is a young Fire dragon living in the Clan of Smoke Mountain. Alpa, the Queen of the Clan and Alla's grandmother, receives a prophecy from the Pixie, Petal. Petal cl...
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Eternal Flame Renesmee Story by hayhay1548
Eternal Flame Renesmee Storyby Hallie1536
Renesmee is finally allowed to come to school after convinced her parents she was safe plus with a whole pack lead by her best friend Jacob Black. her brotherly best fr...
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Vampire's Story by Alpha_blu
Vampire's Storyby Alpha_bhlu
Isang maliit na bayan na punong puno nang mysterio .bayan na di mo akalaing may naninirahang immortal .kaya mo bang pasukin at manirahan dito ? Ian Somerhalder - Tyler S...
I Knew It by lefty_03
I Knew Itby lefty_03
Mayson is a human. Kade is not. Mayson King doesn't party, drink, do drugs, have sex, etc. She does however, get good grades, is on good terms with her parents. BUT she...
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The Lovely Voice by TheLovelyVoice
The Lovely Voiceby TheLovelyVoice
Can you believe to live in a world alongside with Werewolf's? Well Anna White has to. Anna a well oriented teen, one who is musically talented; plays the cello and sings...
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the blood moon by madmonkey2134
the blood moonby madmonkey2134
Athena was just a normal girl living a normal life; that was until she discovers a whole new world where demons and angels are real and so is magic. along with the new...
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my pup...mate? (Going To Re-write) by courtneyrush756
my pup...mate? (Going To Re-write)by courtneyrush
ok lets just say a young girl signs up for a life changing experiance... ok if you guys read this part you might get the joke when i say 'sign up' ok please read and al...
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Puppy Love by 28maddy28
Puppy Loveby Madison
Ella always knew that she a strange life. After her father's mysterious death, her mother moved them all around the country. After finally settling in a quiet town, Ella...
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THe. Supernaturals by Danny-A-Bomb13
THe. Supernaturalsby Inyene Daniel Daniel
This is a story about a young kid and his friends I mean when you can turn into a giant wolf and one of your best friends is a vampire life can be pretty interesting
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Rindu by senahhhhh
Rinduby senahhhhh
Cinta itu hanyalah kepalsuan sehingga kau jumpa yang setia .
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