twenty four

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Ryan opened the door and Skylar was at the door. Her and Ryan stared each other down before I said something. "Hey, I'm Sophie" I said reaching my hand out, she snapped back into reality and smiled at me while shaking my hand. "I'm Skylar" she said with the brightest smile.

"I came by to visit your grandparents, but I assume they are not here" she said to Ryan. He still looked shocked and dazed.

"Ryan, ryan, hello, earth to ryan" I said waving my hand in his face. I looked at Skylar and she was staring at ryan.

I pinched ryan causing him to jump, he immediately looked at me with his face frowned. "What was that for?" He asked. "Because I was calling you and you wouldn't answer" I said.

"Um may I talk to Skylar alone" ryan asked me. I can't believe he wants me to leave out the room so he can talk to his super pretty ex girlfriend.

"Okay, I'll be in there" I said. He kissed me on the check. "Oh and can i use your phone to call shay, my phone went off yesterday" i asked. He nodded and reached in his back pocket and handed me his phone" And I slowly walked into the other room, I'm not sure where I was, I think it was maybe the den, cause it had couches and a big brown piano in the middle of the floor.
ryan p.o.v

"Um hey, how have you been?" I asked her. "I've, I've been good, how bout you?" She asked. It was really awkward considering we haven't talked or seen each other in what seemed like forever.

"I can't even begin to explain it" I said. She gave a slight smile.

"I've missed you" she said. I try to speak but she interrupted. "Let me finish, I've thought about you almost every day, and I've tried dating again but I always compare you to them and later on end up getting dumped, every time I came here, I talked about you and would always asked what you were up to and..." I stopped her .

"I'm sorry, but I have a girlfriend now, and she is really special to me and" I stopped because she stepped closer to me.

"I know you miss me, we were perfect for each other, you was my soulmate and I was yours, it isn't possible for those feelings to just fly away" she said getting so close I felt her breathe.

"I'm sorry but" she pressed her lips on mine and I tried to break away but I thought to myself maybe I didn't wanna break away and that I wanna to kiss her like how I use to kiss her.

"Hey ryan, someone is calling your..." Sophie said cashing me and Skylar to pull apart. We all stood there for a while until sophie turned around and ran in the bathroom.
Sophie p.o.v

I was on thephone with shay when ryan phoned ranged. "Hold on shay,someone is calling Ryan's phone" I said clicking over. "Hello" I said. May I speak to Ryan" the person asked it was a man voice.

I got up and walked to take ryan his phone. "Hey ryan, someone is calling your..." I stopped when I looked up and saw Skylar and ryan kissing.

I stood there in shock. I can't believe my eyes. I rushed into the bathroom, hung up the phone and called shay back.

"Hello, can you come get me, please, now" I said. "Hold on, calm down, what happen?"shay asked. "I'll explain just please hurry" I said. I jumped when I heard hamming on the bathroom door. I locked the door and stepped back.

"Sophie, open the door, please" he said. "Okay, where are you?" Shay asked me. "Sumpterville" I said. "What, are you crazy, that's a couple hours from here" she said.

"What if I catch a bus to rockiemount, will you be able to come get me from there?" I asked. She took a deep breathe.

"Yes". I hung up. And I unlock the bathroom door and took a deep breathe.

I open the door to find ryan standing there. I try to run past him but he grabbed me. But I pulled away running out the front door.

"Sophie, let me explain" ryan said running behind me.

After while he got tired and stopped. I found a bus stop and waited for it to come.

I looked at my hands and realized I still had Ryan's phone in my hand, at least I could call someone if I needed to.

The bus was pulling up when someone called my name. "Sophie, don't leave, let me explain" Ryan said trying to catch his breathe.

I looked at him and got on anyways. I sat at a seat by the window and looked at him as I realize his feet was moving, he was trying to catch the bus.

The bus driver saw him, stopped and open the door. Ryan walked and sat in the seat beside me.

"Leave me alone, I don't wanna talk" I said. "Can I explain?" He asked still out of breathe. I said nothing and kept my arms crossed.

"Its not what it seemed" he started. But I rudely interrupted. "You left her there alone" I said. "Listen" he said with a slighter deepness to his voice.

"She is my ex, there is a reason why her and I are no longer together but you and I are, she was coming on to me, I tried to stop her, I was gonna break away, but you came in before I could" he said then stop.

"You was gonna, the problem isnt that I came in the problem is that you didn't wanna break away, you wanted to kiss her" I said. He looked at me as if I hit the nail on what happened.

"Just admit it, you just didn't want me to find out, if I wasn't there you would have kissed her longer and probably would have done much more than that. " I said, I turned to stare out the window.

He then jerked me to where I was facing him. "You listen to me, I don't like you, I love you, I'm in love with you, you are what I think about from the time I wake up til the time I go to sleep. I take care of you, because I love you, not because I have to or do t wanna be mean, I really and truly live and care for you" he said staring at me with his big eyes.

"Please forgive him, whatever he did, I'm sure he's sorry" this old man sitting a few seats behind me said. I gave the man the smallest smirk I could bare and turned back around to the window.

"Well if you can't let a simple mistake go then" he paused. I was still staring out the window as if I wasn't listening. "Then maybe we shouldn't be together" he said. He kissed my check and got up.

"Stop the bus" he said. I looked at him as he was fit to get off. "I love you" he said as he stepped off the bus and as the bus driver drove off leaving him in the dust.

After a hour a two I had reached rockiemount. I got up and was getting off the bus when a voice called from behind me. "You really should forgive him" the bus driver said before closing the door.

I sat on the bus bench and waited, it was chilly out and I had no jacket so I hugged myself while rocking back and fourth. As I was waiting for shay to arrive, I thought maybe I made a mistake and that I should call and forgive him, or maybe this is what was meant to happen.

"Sophie" I turned to the side and saw shay and her mother. I got up and they both embraced me into a warm hug.

"Let's get you home" shay mom said. "Um, my mama isn't home" I said. My mind shifted to my mother, which I haven't seen in forever, I have no idea where she is, I dont even wanna know where she is.

"Oh where is she, at work?" Her mama asked. "Something like that" I said getting in the backseat of her car. "Well you can stay with us as long SD you need" she said. I smiled and thanked her and we drove back.
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