twenty three

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"So what are y'all doing here today on this fine night?" Mrs Ann asked us."I just wanted to visit you,may even stay a few nights" Ryan said. She smiled." "Do you need something?" She asked. He shook his head. "I just can't come visit?" He said with a giggle."year you can, me and your papa had plans to go out tonight, but we can stay home if u want us to" she offered.

"No Grandma, we'll be fine, you and papa go have but not to much fun" Ryan said. She laughed and went in her room to go get changed.

"Where is the bathroom?" I asked Ryan. He pointed down the hall. I looked down the long hall and saw nothing but pictures on the wall. On the way to the bathroom I looked at all the pictures of his family and friends.

And one picture stuck out, it was Ryan and a blonde headed girl.he was kissing her on the check, I looked at more pictures and continued to see the blonde girl."Ryan,come here?" I said. He walked down the hall to where I was standing" what is it?" He asked rubbing my back.

"Who is this, she is pretty" I asked. He was quiet for a while before he took a deep breathe and answered ."she is a family friend" he said. "Did yall date" i asked. He shook his head then quickly walked away. I walked down to the bathroom and when I came out I heard Ryan and his grandma talking.

"I thought you was going to take them pictures down" Ryan said with a little deepness to his voice.

"What pictures?" His grandma asked calmly. "The pics of Skylar, you know our breakup was hard for me and I don't wanna be reminded of her every time I walk down the hall" he said and stopped.

I didn't wanna ease drop but I didn't wanna walk in the kitchen and cut their conversation short, and I had no where else to go so I just stood in the hall and just stared at the picture of him and what he told me was a family friend.

"I know that, but she is still a friend of ours, she is a sweet girl and she still come visits,more then my own grandson" she said. "Don't play that I don't come visit card,because you know I live almost 4 hours away from you" he said. "I just don't wanna be reminded of the breakup" Ryan said. "Fine,I'll take them down, but that doesn't mean IMA get rid of them" she said.

He lied to me, I didn't wanna bring it up right this minute. I was gonna wait. I walked back in the kitchen and smiled. A couple seconds I came back in the kitchen Ryan's papa cane in already dressed and ready to go.

"We shouldn't be out to to long Ryan" his grandmother said. He nodded and she grabbed her purse and keys and they walked out the door.

"Hey I wanna show you something" Ryan said. He grabbed my hand and walked past the stairs and there was a door. A small door. That u had to bend down a little to get in.but when I went in side it was huge.

"I've never took anyone down here before,this was my special room when I use to come and visit all the time, use to come over a lot before my parents decided to move" he said.

The room had a bed, table hockey, And a lot of other stuff. It was cute inside.

"Its amazing" I said. He smiled and kissed me in the check. " I love you" he said. "You said you didn't go out with Skylar, but you did, why did you lie to me?" I asked.

He looked at me with wide eyes.

"I thought you might get jealous like any other girl" he said sitting beside Me in the small twin size bed.

"I'm not like every girl, and you just can't assume" I said. He nodded. And I kissed his soft lips but was interrupted by a knock on the house door.

"Who can that be?" I asked as if he would know. He shrugged but I can go see. He got up and open the small door and I followed behind him.

"Who is it?" Ryan asked. "Mail delivery" said the person on the other side of the door. The person sounded feminine, but it didn't make since for mail to be coming this late.

Ryan opened the door softly and the person standing there was....
What do y'all think??

What do y'all think about ryan lying to Sophie??

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