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I was walking to the coffee shop like I was told to. I was trying to process everything that I was told earlier. my phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket, it was shay. she asked me where was I. I responded hbu saying at home. I didn't wanna lie but I couldn't tell her where I really was.

I turned the corner of a building and felt hands around my neck. I tried lookin at who it was but I couldn't the person had on a mask. I jabbed my elbow in his stomach he didn't even react. I tried screaming. "HELP!! HELP!!" I yelled. but the person just covered my mouth and started pulling me behind a building.
"HEY GET OFF OF HER" I heard someone yell. the person that was attacking me was jerked back, but he didn't release or loosen his grip on me.

he was pulled again and I thought this was my chance, I elbowed him in the nose and he let go to grab his nose. then Ryan pushed him on the ground and kicked him over and over again, and I even added one or two kicks here and there. we was stopped when principal crocks came around the corner."what's going on?" he asked. help in the person off the ground. "he attacked Sophia" Ryan said. i wanted to correct him because he said my name wrong again, but I thought now wasn't a good time.

"oh my gosh, Sophie are you okay?" principal crocks asked. I nodded my head and dusted off my shoulders. principal crocks still had the man in his grip. "okay, IMA take this man downtown go ahead and wait at the coffee place I'll be back" he stated. me and Ryan both nodded at the same time, as principal crocks and the attacker walked off. it was just me and Ryan we walked to the coffee shop in peace until I decided to speak.

"thank you" I said almost in a whisper. "what?" he asked."I said, thank you" I said again. I opened the door to the coffee shop and held it open for him. we fomd a booth in the corner and he sat on one side and I sat on the other side, my back was turned away from the other people. "soo..." he said looking around. making things more awkward. "OH NO!" he said sliding down into the seat. "what?" I asked curious. he didn't say anything he just pointed behind me. I turned and saw a crowd of his friends walk in even his current girlfriend, Mindy.

"ohhh, you don't want them to see you here...with me" I said. putting the pieces together. I started playing footsis with my self. "what are you doing?" Ryan asked looking under the table at my feet. I looked up and meet his eyes. "I'm just bored" I said. he stared to rub his foot against mine. "what are YOU doing" I said emphasis on the you part. "I'm playing with ya" he said. I was gonna move my foot but I just decided to play along.

"Ryan!!! is that you?" I heard someone say I turn around and see ,Matthew (or matt for short) his best friend came over. but stopped when he noticed me. "why is she here? with you" he asked whipping the smile he had on his face off. "umm, um, she was... she was... she was gonna do my homework for me" he said. making up a lie, I  would have disagree but he needed an excuse since he couldn't tell him the real reason.

"oh kool, you need to come to sheliah's party tonight, everybodys gonna be there" he said. "yea man I'll be there, what time?" Ryan asked. "9:00" he said. Ryan nodded and Matthew grabbed his drinks he ordered and left the store. but then Mindy spotted us and you know she had to come over here. "hey Ryan, what is she doing here?" she asked disgusted. "she doing my homework." he repeated. she rolled her eyes at me and turned back to Ryan.

she ran her hands down his chest and sat on his lap. he whispered something in her ear and she started laughing looking at me. she was fit to get up but Ryan pulled her back and kissed her. "bye baby" she said. after they finally broke lips. "bye" he said. she walked off and left leaving us by ourselves.

about 10 minutes later Mr crocks came in. and walked over to our table. he motioned for me to sit on the side Ryan was on. I got up and walked slowly to Ryan side. Ryan got up and let me get on the inside.  he was just so close that I couldn't pay attention to what Mr crocks was saying. I just heard arguing. "I can't, there is a party tonight" Ryan said. "I don't care, thus is important" Mr crocks said. they went on like that for a while until Ryan finally agree no to go to the party.

"I'm lost, what are we doing?" I aked finally. "we need y'all to g started on this case, this is important, we don't know what can be happening to these kids." he said. he left and me and Ryan decided to go to his house to do the research. we got into his CSR and drove to his house. it was big, I wouldn't say it was the biggest one I ever seen, it was maybe a medium.

I got out the car and we went in and upstairs to his room. I guess nobody was home. because Ryan yelled out 'hello' but nobody answered.
we've been working on this case for almost 2 hours. and we found nothing. "wait here is something" I said pointing at the screen. "all the kids that have gone missing, are all 12 and younger" i said. "the person who is taking the kids must not like teenagers or older kids" Ryan added. I nodded. I high-fived him. "can we take a break?" he asked. I nodded my head. and he grabbed two bottles of root bear  out his mini fredge he had in the corner.

"I don't drik root bear" I said. "just try it" he said. I shook my head. and he push the bottle in my hand. "just try it, its good" he said. I gave in and popped the cap open. I took a sip and licked my lips. it tasted pretty good. I started drinking more. "I told you it was good" he said. "and you was right" I stated. and a couple more minutes passed and we went back to work.
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