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a picture of Sophie...what she wore to school...I don't own this pictures I got them off Google...soo ....yea...and I don't know why but I like doing this a lot .... I don't know why...but anyways enjoy

I was at the library on my computer doing more research on the case. we haven't heard from the kidnapper since he sent us that finger... we never gave him his money cuz we knew it was a scam but that also means we are still at point A.

I was looking through all the missing child's report to see if the little kids had anything else in common besides their age range. I've been sitting at this desk for over 3 hours and I haven't found anything. then a pop up ad came up on the screen about the missing kids I clicked the link and was brought to this little website where it had all the missing kids dressed up in nice clothes, eating, and having fun and the caption said:I'm taking care of them.

I downloaded this website on my flash drive that I had in the computer. "Sophie, hey" I exited out of the website before I even turn around to see who the person was. it was shay. "oh hey shay, what are you doing here?" I asked taking my flash drive out the computer and setting it on my desk. "I gotta a project I gotta get done, and I want to check out some books" she stated. she pulled her flash drive out and put it beside mines, ours looked just alike.

"well I have to go" I stated. she pulled my arm back. and I turn and sat back down. "what's up?" I asked. she looked down. "we haven't been spending much time together, not like we used to" she said but stopping. "its just that if been very busy lately" I said. he shook her head. "that's just it, you won't tell me what's keeping you so busy" she said. " know what, how about Saturday we go to the movies, or the mall wherever you wanna go" I said. she smiled and nodded her head. I gave her a hug, grab my flash drive and walked out.

I decided I needed to show Ryan the stuff I found put about the case. I walked to his house, I went up the stairs and knocked on the door. it was open by Maryanne, the housekeeper. "hey Maryanne, how has your day been?" I asked. she smiled."its been know the usually" she said. I nodded in agreement. "where's Ryan?" I asked. she nudged her head up the stairs. "in his room" she said. j thanked her and walked up the stairs to his room and I heard laughing.

"babe, you are so funny" I got closer to his room door and it was Mindy. "but babe seriously, what's with that Sophia girl?" she asked. I turned around and was gonna leave when I heard her say my name. "oh nothing, she just a follower" Ryan stated flatly. "oh I thought you was starting to like her" she said. "no way, as if I could like a dork like her, she is so creepy" Ryan said adding a laugh. I felt tears form in my eyes. i ran down the stairs. "sweetie, what's wrong?" Maryanne asked. I shook her off and just ran out the door than stopped. I looked back and kept on walking. I whipped e tears from my eyes and walked home.

my moms car wasn't in the yard, I figured she was still at work. I threw my stiff down in my room and grabbed me a water bottle from the fridge and I flopped down on my couch turning on the TV.

I got a text from Ryan

Ryan: hey come over so we can do more research

I didn't reply I just flipped my phone over and flipped through the channels when my phone buzzed again.

Ryan: hello...

Ryan: Sophie, you there

Ryan: answer me, what's wrong?"

I got tired of my phone buzzing so i cut it off. and watched TV to take my mind off of everything.
I woke up to get ready for school, I put on a plain white T and a jean jacket and I threw my hair in a bun and put on my glasses, since I didn't have time to go to the store to get me some more contacts.  I grabbed my stuff ate a banana and went to the bus stop. I for on the bus and just stared out the window. when a hay got on the bus I put on a fake smile.

when we got to school I got off the bus and I saw Ryan leaning against the side of the school and I had a feeling he been waiting for me. "hey let's go this way" I said trying to avoid Ryan. but he caught my eye and ran up to me and turned me around by grabbing my arm. "what?" I said "can I talk to you?" he asked. I shook my head. he asked again and I shook my head again. but he didn't listen and he just took me but the arm and lead me into the computer room. "what's up with you?" he asked. I snatched my arm out of his grip.

"oh you want to talk to this creepy dork?" I said. he looked at me confused. then a light bulb came above his head. "oh that, I was just saying that so Mindy wouldn't be on our case" he said. I didn't respond because I knew he might be telling the truth. "forgive me?" he asked. I folded my arms across my chest. he put his hands up and tickled me. and I started laughing uncontrollably. "okay, okay, I forgive you" I said. laughing. "thank you" he said leaving the room. and a few seconds later I left the room to.
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