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I stared at the screen with a blank face. we couldn't find anything else and I was getting sleepy. my head would fall but I tried to stay awake. I looked over at Ryan and he was still wide same on his phone. "someone getting sleepy" he said cutting his phone off and plugging it to his charger. "shut up" I teased. he walked over to me and grabbed my arms and lifted me up. "someone needs a visit from the tickle monster" he said.

"are you-" I couldn't finish my sentence because I was to busy laughing. he started tickling me making me laugh uncontrollably. I would hit him lightly but he wouldn't budge. I was kicking and laughing."okay, okay I'm up" I said. he stopped and smiled at me. "what?" I said. "you have a nice smile" he said. "thanks" I said. he just stared at me for a while. "umm we should get back to work" I said breaking the awkward silence. he nodded his head.

Ryan is acting different. when we are in public he always so rude and stuff, but I guess he is nicer when you are alone with him. if I knew he could be so nice I would hate him so much.
hours passed, I must have fallen asleep, because I was woken up by e sound of thunder. I looked at the time on my phone and it as 12:57. "Ryan, Ryan wake up" I snakes him to try and wake him up. he open his eyes and stared at me. "what is it?" he asked with a little sleepiness in his voice. "its almost 1 a.m."I said. he shrugged his shoulders. "there is no way my mom will come pick me up at this time of night" I said. "you can just sleep over" he said. "what, no" I said.shocked he would even suggest that.

"well you have three choices. stay here, call you on so she come pick you up, or walk and. sure you wouldnt want to walk in the rain." he said. I rolled my eyes knowing staying the night was the only choice I had.

"fine" I said. he went to his dresser and pulled out some boxers and a T-shirt and handed it to me and pointed me to the bathroom down his long hallway. I went in the bathroom and changed. I carried my clothes I had on and walked back to his room. when I got back in his room he was shirtless and had on nothing but pajama pants on. he walked over to his bed and climbed in. I placed my clothes on his chair.

"where am I gonna sleep?" I asked. he patted the other side of his bed. I shook my head. "come on now, I'm sleepy" she said getting annoyed. "fine" I climbed in bed beside him. I soon dwrited off to sleep after I got over the fact that I was sleeping in Ryan Nero's bed. a couple of seconds later his arm found their way across my waist. I didnt do anything, I just decided to let him sleep.
"OH MY GOD BRO, YOU GOT THE NERDIE GIRL TO" someone yelled waking me and Ryan outta of our sleep. Ryan robbed Hus eyes and looked up. "what are you talking about?" Ryan asked the boy. "yall are sleeping in the same bed" he said. I caught on to what he was saying. "umm I have to get ready for school and you should to, Ryan" I said getting out ta of the bed.

"and she got on your clothes too, y'all did something, I know y'all did, what about Mindy?" the guy asked. "wait wait wait.. we didn't do anything and I still go out with mindy and... can you just give us a minute and I will explain everything later" Ryan said as the guy left. "who was that?" I asked he shook his head and threw the covers off of him. "my older brother, don't mind him" he begin throwing clothes out of his closet and dresser. he then pulled a black shirt out of the pile. it had the letters RMTF in red on the shirt. he then handed me the shirt and some grey jogging pants and told me to put these on. I grabbed the clothes and headed to the bathroom down the hall.

when I got dressed and came out the bathroom, Ryan was already dressed. I put on my shoes and we headed off to school. we was quiet the whole ride. we pull up to the school yard and he just sat there he didn't even cut the car off. "are you coming?" I asked. he nodded and fanned me off. "well thanks, for everything" he gave me a fake smile. I shut the door and walked inside I went to my first class and saw shay by the vending machine.

"tell me everything" shay ran up to me saying. I gave her a confused look. "someone said they saw you and Ryan together at the coffee shop. my eyes grew wide. how does she know? "what..." I was interrupted hen my books flew out of my hand, it was Mindy, Mindy Sanchez. "what's your problem?" shay said stepping in Mindy's face. and she jumped back pretending she was scared when she really wasn't.

"your friend is trying to get with my man" Mindy said. "what are you talking about?" I asked. everybody started to crowd around us after shay yelled at her to back off. "you were at the coffee shop with him last night and you even have on his clothes" she said. I looked down at the clothes I had on and I forgot. Mindy started stepping closer to my face. she pushed me, and I didn't do anything "come on, If you know how to steal someone's man you know how to face the consequences" she bald up her fist. you could tell by her stanze hat she wasn't a good fighter but I wasn't gonna fight her.

"hey back off" Ryan said holding Mindy back. she flipped her hair and crossed her arms over her cheast. "do you really think o will go out with her, you are crazy" Ryan said. even though I didn't like Ryan that kinda offended me, but I brushed it off.

"yea you're right, she isn't worth it, she is nothing but a piece of-"
she was interrupted when principal crocks came into the circle of people. "everybody get back to class, except Mr. Nero and ms. smith. after he hallway was empty we made our way to principal crocks office. "so are we in trouble?" I asked nervous. he shook his head with a laugh. "no I wanna talk to you about the case" he said.

he pulled a thick envelope out of his drawer and placed it front of us, and motioned for us to open it. I finally grabbed it after a few seconds. I pulled back the sticky part and saw a finger, I immediately threw it down. "what is that?" I asked. "we got it at the police department this morning, its from the kidnapper. it has a letter inside read it." I just looked at him. "Im not looking at that thing again" I sataed. Ryan picked it up and pulled a blue piece of paper out of the envelope.

he began to read it put loud. "here is one of the fingers of the kids I got, I want reward money exchange for the kids, you get your kids and I get my money. leave it where you found this letter and you will find he kids the next morning. p.s this is the kidnapper. I was speachless and I guess Ryan was to because he didn't say anything. we just stared at the paper.
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