twenty one

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Its been almost 2 weeks since we caught trevor. We found all the kids parents and they return to their parents with special protection. And today was the day, the day I was gonna see Trevor in jail. I knew Ryan would never approve of it. So I was gonna to lie, I just want to ask him why. I asked him before I just didn't get no answer.

It was 10:45, which mean Ryan should still be sleep. I of dressed and slowly walked down stairs. I reached the door. "Where are you going?" Ryan said searing shirtless on the couch. "Um, fool, I mean food, I want food." I said starting to stutter. He got up and walked towards me. "Where are you going? And I want the truth" he said.

I kept quiet. "I know you are not going to that jail house" Ryan said loudly. When he said it out loud it did sound stupid. "What the freak do you wanna see him for?" He asked. I stood there for a while. He asked again and I just decided to let it all out, tears started to rush down my face. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry" Ryan said holding my arms. "No, its just that, you care so much for me and yet I wanted Trevor." I said.

He smiled pulling me into a tight, comfy hug. "I love you" I said. Immediately realizing what I said. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just said that, what if he don't say it."I love you to" he said. I smiled into his chest. "Promise me you won't go to see him" Ryan said. I took a moment before I answered. "Please" he said I nodded. I stood on my tip toes and planted a kiss on his soft lips.

"Now if you don't mind, IMA get cleaned up so she can get some food for real" Ryan said. I smiled and he ran back upstairs. I sat in the couch and watched some TV until he came back down stairs. I got up and we walked outside to the car. He opened the door for me then did the same for his self on the drivers side.

We pulled up to huddle house. We got out and he reached his hand out and I grabbed it. We walked in hand in hand.
We finished eating and decided that we wanted to play pool, so we went to this teen club that has a pool table inside. So he drive for a half hour to we got there.

We walked in holding hands. When we got in there Ryan been dapping up so many black dudes. I was just standing there like what the, how the, when the.

"Who is this, Rio?" This black boy asked. Who, I thought to my self then quickly realizing that was a nickname for Ryan. "This is Sophie, my" he stopped looking at me. "His girlfriend" I said sticking my hand out for him to shake. "Oh snap, Rio got his self a black girl, I knew you always diged the sisters." The boy I later found out name was Tony.

20 mins after Ryan a.k.a Rio finished catching up with his 'home boys'. We started playing pool. It was the girls against the guys. The guys points would average together as well as the girls. It was Ryan and tony vs. Me and tony girlfriend, Ashleigh. She was light skin with curly blonde hair, and she had on a crop top showing her light skin stomach, and some jean shorts. She was actually hot, not in a gay way.

"Ladies first" tony said. "I never really played pool before" I whispered to Ashleigh. I had the stick in my hand and Ashleigh gently pushed me over the table with the stick laying on the table. She was up in my showing me how to do it. I saw tony and Ryan look at each other smiling. "Kiss kiss" tony and Ryan started chanting. Ashleigh shrugged her shoulders. "Why not" I said.

She learned in and our like pressed against each others. I jumped back squealing covering my mouth.
"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that" I said smiling from ear to ear. "Neither can I " ryan said.

The whole two hours we been there Ashleigh kept having me this seducing look. I would smile at her every since in a while, but I didnt want to send her the wrong idea.

We was getting ready to leave. Ryan was talking to tony a little while. While Ashleigh came to wear I was sitting. "Hey Ashleigh, umm, I just wanted to say I'm not gay" I said. She laughed. "Neither am I, I'm bi but not fully gay" she said. I smiled. "Oh, I feel stupid now' I said. She laughed again. "Don't be, by the way, you are a amazing kisser" she told me. I chuckled.

"So are you" I said. As we was laughing Ryan called my name telling me he was ready. I gave Ashleigh a hug before turning around to walk over to Ryan. But Ashleigh grabbed me and kissed me again, but I didn't break away this time, she did. "I just had to, not gay, Bi" she said. I smiled before walking out the club with Ryan.
I know its SUPERRRRRRRR SHORT ....but this is just something to hold you guys over

What do all think about Sophie trying to see Trevor??

What do you think about Ryan and Sophie being an official couple??

What to you think about Ryan having black friends??

And finally what do you think about that epic kiss that sophie shared with another female??




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