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picture of movie date outfit Sophie wearing

I was getting ready for my little date with Trevor. I was home alone, my mama never really be home since tyron went to jail.

I had on black shorts with white flowers on it and a black tank top. and my other accessories. I heard the door bell and went to go open it. I opened it an was surprised to see Ryan. "what are you doing here?" I ask. he just walked in without permission.

"I need to tell you something, something really important" he said. he sounded serious. "is it bout the case?" he shook his head. when he was fit to say something the door bell ranged again. this time it was actually Trevor. "hey, ready?" he asked. I nodded my head. "we will talk later Ryan, I'll stop by your house, it won't take that long, two hours at the most" I said as we both left out of my house.

we were at the movies and he paid for my way, the snacks, and the drinks. and the movie place we went to was super expensive. trevor actually spent almost $100 just on the two of us. we sat at the very top and it was almost empty. we sat back and watched the trailers.

"hey do you wanna stop by somewhere and grab something to eat?" he whisper to me. "I don't wanna spend all your money" I said. he shook his head. "no, no, you're not" he insisted. "you sure?" "yea" I nodded my head. "okay then" I said. e movie finally started.
it was a really good movie. it had some teary eyed parts in it. I even heard Trevor sniffing a little. we were walking out the movie place. and all of a sudden Trevor lifts me off the ground. "what are you doing?" I ask. he laughs. he had one of them sexy laughs. "put me down" I said playfully. he started running and I clenched to him. he in throw me over his shoulder. I started laughing even harder making him laugh.

he finally put me down. and we walked the rest of the way to the car. and we drove to a restaurant. we both agree golden correl. I suggested something simple like cici pizza but he insisted golden correl.

I stuffed my face. I looked like a complete pig in front of him. "I just look like a pig" I said. he shook his head. " no, its cute" he said. I gave him a 'really, are joking' look. "anything and everything you do is cute" he said causing me to blush. "why haven't we done this sooner?" I asked. "done what? "this, this...whatever we are now, I like it, its fun hanging out with you" I said. he smiled and came to my side of the booth."I feel the same way" he said moving a strand of hair out of my face.

we left golden correl and he dropped me off at Ryan house, surprisedly don't ask any question. "I hope we can do this again" he said. "yea, me to, I'll text you" I said getting of the car. he nodded his head and backed out the drive way.

I knocked non the door and two seconds later he came to the door. he pulled me u to his room and shut the door. "what took you so long?" he asked. "we went put to eat afterwards" I said. "we had so much fun, I mean I think I really like him" I said. "Sophie" he said but I wasn't paying attention. "why haven't we gone out before, he is so funny and" Ryan fitted me off.

"Sophie" he said with a slightly raised voice. "what?" "that's great, but its getting late, maybe you should go" he said. "what did you have to tell me?" I asked "its not important anymore" he said. I nodded and left.
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