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I can't believe I actually just jumped out of an airplane. It was the best thing ever, I felt the rush, my heart felt like it was fit to drop but I liked the feeling. I saw a frozen yogurt place and thought of my mama. We always used to get frozen yogurt when she would pick me up from school.

I guess Ryan could tell something was wrong.

"What's up?" He asked sitting beside me on a little bench." nothing" I lied. He gave me a look. "I know you" he siad. I let out a sigh and answered. " its my mama, I tried not to think about her, but hen I saw that yogurt place over there, that reminded me of my mama" I said.

He stood up and took off the suit he had on revealing the clothes he had on. "I thought doing this was gonna take your mind off everything, I guess it didn't" he said.

"It did, until I saw that yogurt place, which brought back so many memories." I said. He once again embraced me in a hug. "Sophie" I turn and saw Trevor. He had on a uniform, one of the uniform that belongs to this helicopter place.

"Trevor what are you doing here? Let me guess, you work here?" I said. He nodded and gave me a peck on the check. "So what are you doing here?" He asked. Glanced at Ryan. "Ryan thought it would be nice to take me out for a while, to get my mind off everything" I said. "Oh that's sweet, like a date?" He asked. I shook my head.

"No, no, we are just friends, just friends, and plus he has a girlfriend, and I have you" I said. Then started again realizing what I said. "Not that we are dating or anything, pshh, we are just talking, or are we?" I stopped. "What are we exactly?" I asked. I wanted to ask him that for a while but I didn't want it to come out like that. "Whatever you want us to be, I mean I like you and hopefully you like me to" he said. "I do" I said

"Then I don't see why we shouldn't go out" he said. I nodded. "So are we..." I stop to let him finish the sentence. "A couple, I guess so" he said. I smiled. But inside I was jumping up and down. He gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Well I got start working, I'll see you later" he said. I nodded. "I'll text you, and hopefully we can meet up somewhere later" he said. I nodded again. And hugged him goodbye. I walked to Ryan car, but as I was fit to get in Ryan called my name loudly. "SOPHIE" He said. "What?" I asked. He pointed at me and I looked down and I noticed I still had in the suit.

I took it off and handed it to Trevor to put up for me. I gave him a goodbye kiss this time actually getting in the car. "Thank you, that was fun, really fun" I thanked Ryan. "Anytime, I am always there for you" he said. I kissed him on the check. "You are the best" I said.
Ryan p.o.v

The way she kissed my check gave me all kinds of chills. It may not meant nothing to her but it meant everything to me. I wanted to tell her that I liked her before her and Trevor made it official, but I could never find the right moment to do it.

I keep glancing her and even staring at red lights and she moved in sync with the music. She was the most gorgeous person in the world. And I know I have Mindy but Mindy is not Sophie.

Sophie is sweet, nice, smart, very funny, and extremely beautiful. How can somebody not want her. I had a crush on her forever, even before we started working on the case. But if I did tell her or asked her out she would have slapped me or laughed in my face. But now I actually get a chance to go beyond the surface and get to know much more about her, which caused me to develope feelings for her. And I only wish she feel the same way.

My phone buzzed, the sound it makes when I get a notification.hbu I kept my eyes on the road and occasionally Sophie to. When I reached my house, I checked my phone it was an update on the kidnappers website. He had his weekly update posted.

But instead of his normal updates, this time the kids are outside playing. He even added a video. I walked in the house and me and Sophie sat on the couch. We watched the video together. It was a video of them playing outside. They actually looked like they were having fun. But he didn't just post a video he posted pictures.

"Zoom in" Sophie said. When we got to another picture. I zoomed in but i didn't know hat she saw. "There" she pointed at someing in the picture. "What?" I asked. "There is an address on the mailbox in the background. I same that address before, i just can't remember where" she said. "Well let's go" I said. We both hoped up and headed out to find that place.

We reached the place that had the same address it did on the mailbox in the picture. But the house looked abandoned. "This the place?" I asked. She nodded her head. "This used to be an old daycare place I used to go to" Sophie said. "But the family that ran the daycare moved out of state and nobody ever moved back in it, so it just became abandoned" Sophie explained to me.

"So why would the kidnapper come here?" I asked. She thought for a while. I walked on the porch to try and open the door but it was locked, and the windows was bordered up, so you couldn't see inside. "That means the kidnapper must have a key" she said. "Which means they must have known the family that ran the daycare" Sophie said. "It could be anyone, everybody loved the Carter family" Sophie said.

"Its just gonna take a longer time to find out who the person is" I said. She nodded. I started to walk to the car but stopped when I realized Sophie wasnt behind me. "I am determined to find out who this sick person is to kidnap kids" Sophie said.

After a few more minutes of just standing around we had decided to leave. We grabbed us a burger on the way home.

I was assuming Sophie wad going stay the night at my house again so I just drove home and nobody was home as usually. We went in and ate our burgers. We even watched some TV. "I like hanging out woth you, you are a great friend" Sophie told me. There goes that word again, friend. I heard a knock at the door. I got up to get it and there in my doorway was Mindy.
What to yall think??

What do y'all think about Trevor and Sophie making it official??

What do yall think about the kidnapper??

Do tou think they are closer to finding out who the kidnapper is??

What do y'all think about Mindy showing up at ryan house??

Its just gonna cause more drama




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