twenty two

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"I didn't know you were that type" Ryan said smiling and glancing at me while driving. I smiled back. "Neither did I" "i kind of surprised myself" I said . He laughed and after that he just turned on some music and I started to doze off listening to the hot tunes of 103x.
Ryan p.o.v

I pulled up to a red light and just took a moment to stare at her. She is just so gorgeous. I was interrupted out of my thoughts by the sounds of car horns behind me. I looked at the light and it was yellow and when I went to go it turned red again.

We reached the house and Sophie was still sleep. I pulled out of the driveway and started driving until it got dark. She finally woke up. "How long have I been sleep? Where are we going?" She asked sitting up and Rubbing her eyes.

"You been sleep for a good 4 hours maybe" before I could say anything she interrupted me. "Why have we have been driving that long?" She asked. "You didn't give me time, and to answer your other question I'm just driving, I know u hated been stuck in the house for so long, and I just wanted to take you out, outside of town" I said. She gave me a sweet smile and I gave her one back while glancing at her then focusing back on the road.

"4 hours, we are way out of town" she said with a giggle.

"Ryan... I think I should Finish school online, if we can't go to school, why can't I just take online school" she said staring at me, I wasn't staring back because my eyes were on the road but I could see her staring at me out the corner of my eye.

"I don't think that will be necessary" I said. Her mouth dropped. "This isn't your decision, but why not?" She said. "Because we can finally go back to school, I think things have cooled down enough fr us to go back" I said. She smiled and bounced up and down. While at a stop sign she grabbed my neck and hugged me.
Sophie p.o.v

I hugged his neck to show how happy I was that Iran go back to school again, just to see everybody again, especially shay.

He then pulled up into this driveway of a huge light blue house.
"Who house is this?" I asked. He smiled and looked at me. "You will find out once we go inside" he said. He parked the car on the side of the driveway, and cut the car off. We both got out and since it been dark it was kinda of chilly outside.

He rested his hand on my waist and we walked up to the huge blue house. He ranged the doorbell and we stood there for a while. Then we heard footsteps coming towards the door and it was opened by a dark-haired, some spots grey, old lady.

"Oh my, Ryan , is that you" the lady said. He removed his hand off my waist and Ryan and the lady wrapped each other into a tight warm looking hug.

" I missed you grandma" Ryan said. My eyes grew. It made since, but she looked so young. "Come in, come in" she said opening the door for us to come in.

"Ryan don't be rude, who is this?" She asked pointing at me while walking to the kitchen. Ryan followed behind her and I followed behind him. "This is Sophie, my girlfriend" Ryan said. She reached out her hand "im leigh-ann, but you can call me mrs. Ann" she said as I shoke her hand. followed by a big smile.

"Cookies?" She asked us holding a platter of different kinds of cookies. Ryan grabbed like 4, and I grabbed one, it had m&m's, and chocolate chips, in it. I took a bite and was instantly in love. "Wow, this cookie is really good, where did you buy them?" I asked her. She laughed. "I didn't buy these, I baked them, I baked them all from scratch, the one you are eating is called a monster cookie, its an oatmeal cookie with a bunch of ingredients, but i just did M&M's and chocolate chips, the other stuff was too much." She said. I smiled.

"So grandma how have you" Ryan started but was interrupted by a old man walking in using a cane. "Papa" Ryan said walking fastly to his grandda. They also shared a hug similar to the one him and his grandma shared.

"Papa, I thought you got rid of that cane" Ryan said "you don't even need it" Ryan continued. "It makes me look dope, do y'all still say that" Ryan grandda said. "No, Humphrey, I told you they don't tall like that anymore, they stuff like rad and tight" Ryan mother said. "No grandma, we don't say that either" Ryan said. I giggled and his grandda immediately looked at me.

"Oh hey, I didn't see you there" his grandda said. "Papa this is sophie, my girlfriend" Ryan said. "Ahhhhh, Ryan got him a little girlfriend, Ryan never brought girl home, well not here" his papa said.
What do y'all think

I was typing straight, and I got tired, so here it is.

What do y'all think about Ryan and Sophie being able to go back to school??

What do yall think about Ryan bringing Sophie to his grandparents house??




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