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I waited inside the cafe for almost 2 hours and Ryan hasn't showed up yet. I pulled out my phone when my phone buzzed I thought it was a Text from Ryan but it was a weekly update sometime the kidnapper would post more than one update a week.

There were no pictures just a Video of a person in all black and they had on a mask, I'm guessing it was the kidnapper, himself. His voice was disguised. I walk into he girls bathroom, went into a stall, pulled out my head phones and clicked on the video.

"The kids were having a great time until they realized it wasn't a camp and started to get home sick causing them to meet in secret trying to figure out ways to break out, which is something I won't every time I catch one I will get rid of them if you know what I mean" he said winking. Sharpening a knife. After every sentence he would throw in a chuckle that was really creepy.

I exited the bathroom in fear. This person can be anybody. It can be a girl it can be a boy. I walked out and saw Ryan sitting in a booth.

I walked over to him. "Where have you been? I ave been waiting on you for almost 2 hours."I said.

"I am here now, aren't I?" He said smartly.
I sat in the other side of the booth in front of him.
"Whatever, I just got an update that is really creepy, its a video" I said. He looked up from his phone.

"Let me see it." I pulled out my phone press the button my head phones were still in so he had one in his ear and the other one hanging. After the video ended his eyes were big, he didn't say anything. "That is creepy" he said.

We disgusted some more about the case but after an hour and a half we decided it was getting late and we headed home.

I opened the door to my house, my mom wasn't home. That video really had me creeped out. I was gonna sleep with all the lights on tonight. This was like pretty little liars stuff, that's why I dont watch it, cuz its to scary.

I sat on my bed and called Ryan to see when can we can start on the project.

Ryan: hello

Me: so when are we gonna get together to do the project?

Ryan: its what ever.

I heard something one from down stairs and I was to scared to go down stairs and look so I quickly got up and shut my door cutting the lights off.

Ryan: hello you still there?

Me: someone is in my house, and dont know who it is

I said breathing hared through the phone.

Ryan: calm down, go look and see who it is

Me: are you crazy? And I her hit in the face with a lamp.

Ryan:just do it

I got up and opened my door just a little to peep my head out the door it was a big man. He looked Mexican. he had a black beard with a short haircut. He has some crazy big muscles. And he looked drunk and angry. He was breaking stuff. Anything that was in his reach.

I closed my door and started to talk to Ryan on the phone again.

Me: I'm scared, ryan, he is big, what if he comes up here?

Ryan: take deep breaths

I did as he told.

Ryan: hold on

Me: hold on? Hold on? There is an unknown angry, huge man in my house breaking stuff.

But Ryan didn't reply and after 10 mins I hung up the phone and crawled into a ball under my covers. I stared to hear heavy footsteps come closer to my room door. and then there was a tap at my window. I almost screamed out loud. It was Ryan.

I quietly opened my window and carried me down the ladder he used to get to my room. And the window shut in its own, and was really loud and before i knew it the man came in my room. He opened the window and watched us run.

Once ryan put me in the car the man cme out the front door and pulled out a gun and started shooting. He shot at us like 5 times, but luckly ryan swerved on the road to avoid the bullets. Then he zoomed off.

Ryan and I didn look back. "What the freak was that?" He asked. "I don't know, but I'm scared Ryan, I'm scared" I said. He held the hand that wasn't on the wheel out and I laid my head on his shoulder.

He was driving for a long time and he already passed his neighborhood. We finally arrived at a house. It was big buy not as big as his house now.

"What is this?" I asked. He got out and carried me to the porch. He then got a spare key from under the door mat.

"Its my family cabin, for when we wanna do something as a family" he states. It was beautiful inside almost everything was made out of wood.

"You will stay here for a while" he said. I gave him a confused look. "What do you mean ?why cant I stay at your house?" I asked. My dad is home and he spent like me or my sister having friends over so if he saw you there he would kill me.

"I son wanna stay here by myself, what about school and stuff" I asked. He sat down on a couch in the licing room and I followed.

"I would visit you everyday and I have my workers will come and check on you" he said.

"Why are you doing this? I thought you was mad at me" I stated sitting beside him on the comfy chair.

"Mr. Crocks told me that the kidnapper is on to us, the kidnapper knows that there are people besides the cops and detectives that are trying to find out who he is. He just doesn't know its us" Ryan said. My eyes grew wide.

"I almost got shot and now I have to go into hiding. Because this kidnapper is looking for me?" I said trying to make sense of what is happening. He nodded his head leaving me more afraid than I ever been. "And I still have to go to school, the kidnapper can be someone in our school we dont know" I stated. He rubbed my shoulders.

"You won't be going to school Mr. Crocks said that he will take care of the school stuff, school is bout out anyways what can it hurt to miss the rest of it" he explained.

"What about you? Will you still have to go to school?" I asked he shook his head. His phone buzzed and he looked at it and got up.

"I have to go" he said kissing my forehead. I grabbed his arm before he opened the door. He turned and faced me. "Please stay, please, I am terrified" I told him tears started to roll down my face. this is scary.

He looked at me and wrapped me in a hug. "Okay" he said.
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