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Its been almost two weeks since I told grace I like Ryan. Every since I said it out loud I have been acting awkward with him. I try to handle it right but when I see him I just melt. Speaking of him he walks in unexpectedly.

"Hey Sophie, I brought back Chinese food" he said holding the bag up to show me. I just looked at him then turned away. While my back was facing him I closed my eyes shut hoping that when I turn around and open them that he will be gone.

So when I turned around I was bummed to find him still standing there looking at me weirder than ever. He sits the food on the table before walking up to me. "What has been up with you lately?" He asked. Me I shook my head and went back to checking my phone.

"Listen"he said turning me around. He took a deep breathe before continuing on. "I like you, and I think you know that, is that why you are acting weird?" He asked. As I opened my mouth to say something my phone buzzed. It was just an alarm but I made a big deal out of it. "I have to take this" I said pretending to be on the phone with someone, I walked off then came back and got my box of food still pretending to be on the phone.

I put my phone down and opened my box. I had some brown Noddles, ham fried rice, chicken wings, and egg rolls. Everything I love. He must be remembered from the last time. I was enjoying my food. And decided to check my laptop. And while doing so I checked the kidnappers website. There was no update. I wanted to explore more of the abandoned daycare. I knocked the door, grabbed my purse and climbed out the window after taking a quick shower.

I left the window cracked a little so I could get back in when I come back. I put my purse on my shoulder and walked.

After about 30 mins of walking I was gonna turn back around but in the distance I saw it, I saw the abandoned daycare center. I walked some more and reached the daycare center. I put my ear to the door and heard laughing. I walled to the back and saw that the back door wasn't boarded up and to my surprise I found a key under the mat. I picked it up and unlocked the door.

I slowly and quietly walked around the daycare center, I know my way around here since I used to go here. I took out my phone and started to take pictures. There were kids toys and clothes all over the place. I heard voices and laughter. I ran into the play room. I watched the kids as they walked by laughing and talking to each other. I don't think they saw me cause the room I was in was pitch dark.

As I was fit to leave the room I felt someone grab me from behind and cover my mouth. I started freaking out. Then the persons other hand came around my neck. Whoever it was pushed me against the wall.

I couldn't see there face, but I think they had on a mask anyways. "LET ME GO, PLEASE!" I began to yell. The hand around my neck started to get tighter, until I couldn't breathe. I tried hitting the person. But. Didn't work. My eyes went blank.
Kidnappers p.o.v.

As I was playing with the kids I heard the rattling out the back door knob. I saw a shadow go into the kids play room. I told them to go into the painting room.

I went through the back room door of the play room and grabbed her. I was afraid she was gonna snatch off my mask, so in fear I chocked her, I chocked her unconscious.
I know its shirt, like really short, like really, really shirt but its been OVER a month and I know I wouldn't have time to finish the chapter any time soon, son I have to give you guys something...

What do y'all think about Sophie acting weird??

What do y'all think about Sophie sneaking out to go to the daycare??

What do you think about the kidnapper chocking Sophie unconscious??

What do y'all think will happen next??




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