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Ryan texted me earlier telling me to come over to his place, one reason WS because we WS still working on the case and the second reason was because we had a family life project we had to do together. "hey ma, I'm fit to go" I stated. my fingers inches from turning the doorknob but she stopped me. "wait... I want you to stay here with me" she said. "what, why?" I asked. I could see she was fighting back tears. "I dont want tyron to come back, he has been getting worse and he only hits me when you are not around." she said.

Tyron was my mom's boyfriend, she was totally in love with him, they were gonna get married, until one day they got into a little argument and he hit her. and ever since then he always hit her like its his job and he gets paid to do it. he does it with no problem. and that makes me upset. but mama told me he stopped."I thought he stopped" I said. I heard Tyron's truck pull up. his car had this weird noise that only his car make which made it easy to know when he was pulling up.

"mama, go hide" I whispered. she ran down the hallway and Tyron burst through the door, with an angry look on his face that said he could kill someone right now. "where is she?" he said pushing me out the way nearly knocking me down. "she's not here" I yelled at him. "yes she is, I see her car" he started looking around. I closed my eyes, clutched my fist, and jumped on his back, making him loose his balance.

"get off of me, you psycho" he said. I used all my power to push him into the wall. but that was very hard because he was such a big man. he finally threw me off knocking me into the counter. and my eye hit the corner of the table. I held my eye in pain, o felt it beginning to throb. I couldn't let him get to my mother, while holding my eye, I kicked him in the back of his leg making him fall. I stood up and got a pan that was on the stove and beat him with it, over, and over, and over again, until he was unconscious. I sat there for a while and just cried.

when I got myself calm I called the police. I ran down the hallway and looked in all the rooms and saw my mother sitting on my bed, her making up running. "mama...its okay you can come out" I said. she shook her head not even looking at me. "I call the police mama, he's going away" I said. she laughed finally looking up at me."you don't get it, I still love him" she said. I puldnt believe her. "are you serious, he is a bad person" I said she opened her mouth to say something but I stopped her by talking again.

"he hits you, he doesn't love you mama" she got off the bed and walked over to me touching my eye. "what happened?" she asked trying to change the subject. "your boyfriend is what happened" I said. "oh..I'm sure it was an accident" she said. I pulled away from her and just looked her in her eyes."who are you?" I said. she smiled. stepping towards me again."I am your mother" she said. "no you are not my mother..." I stopped when I heard the police sirens outside. I rushed down the hallway and outside to talk to the cops.

I told one of the police officers what happened while another one tried carrying Tyron out, bit I guess he was to heavy because they had to call in two more police officers to get him into the car. "this isn't over, I'm coming for you" Tyron. said. he took his thumb and slide across his neck while gridding his teeth.

"NOOO, TYRON BABY, I LOVE YOU, DONT TAKE HIM!!!" my mama was blaming on the police car window. the police officers that u was talking to pulled my mama from the glass and took her back into the house. I stood there as everything around me seemed like it was going in slow motion. I ran off. o don't know where I was going but I know I wasn't gonna stop until I got there.

"COME BACK, WE NEED TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS" one of the police officers yelled from behind me. but I didn't turn around I kept on running.

I walked into this dark alley. I slide down on the wall til I made it to the ground. I burried my face in my hands. "Sophie" I heard a voice I looked up to surprisingly find Ryan. I turned away not wanting him to see my eye, but he saw it before I turned around. he turned my head back towards him by putting his finger under my chin. I looked him in his eyes and i actually got a chance to notice his eyes are a very light blue.

"what happen?" he asked trying to touch my eye. I flinched and he yanked his hand back. I shook my head putting my head down. he lifted my head up. "you don't have to tell me, but we do have to get you cleaned up. he grabbed my hand helping me up. we walked down the dak alley hand in hand. we finally reached his house and we walked up to his bathroom. and sat me on the counter.

he look under the sink and got a first aid kit and starting pulling stuff out and tratong my eye. "how do you know how o do this?" I asked. he shurrgered. "I just do"he said. when he was finwlly finished i jumped down from the counter and our heads bumped. we looked up at the same time. and I kissed him, well I kissed him on the check. "that's for helping me,thank you" I said walking out before he had time to react.
what do y'all think??

what's up with tyron??

does Ryan really care about sophie??




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