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I was walking to the principal office to tell Mr. crocks what I had found out about the case. I knock on the door and he opened it. I took a seat in a chair that was in front of his desk. "so what have you found?" he asked. I gave him my flash drive without a word.

he stuck it in his computer and pulled up the file. he gave me a confused look. "what?" I asked. "this only has one file and it has a power point of Austin mahone" he said. I gave off a confused look to. I thought for a second. "OH NO!!!"I basically shouted out. "what's wrong?" principal crocks asked. I had my hands over my mouth in shock. I grab the wrong flash drive."I grabbed the worng flashdrive, when I was at the library" his eyes got wider. "who has your flash drive?" he asked. getting nervous. "my best friend, shay" I stated. "no one can no about this" you are gonna have to get it back before she looks at it." he said. I nodded my head and headed to the cafeteria find shay.

I was basically fast walking when I bumped into someone I looked and saw Trevor. Trevor was a quiet person, I known him since 2nd grade but I never noticed him until 5th grade, and usually I'm the one that doesn't get notice. "I'm sorry" I said. "its okay, its my fault" he said. there was an awkward silence between us.

"umm, do you wanna hang out, sometime?" he asked. I was surprised by the question, he was cute and we had a lot in common, so why not. "sure, I'm free tomorrow night" I stated. "how bout the movies?" he asked I nodded my head and wrote down my phone number on his hand and walked off.

I found shay sitting at our normal table. i walked over to her. "hey, shay" I said sitting beside her. she smiled. "hey" "umm, may I use your flash drive?" I asked. "sorry, I left Meghan Crawford use it." she said. I felt a frown come across my face. "why can't you use yours?" she asked. "I have to go" I said dogging her question. I walked out the cafeteria and outside in the parking lot. where I saw mindy and Ryan having an intense make out section. I tried to look away but I couldn't. they broke apart and I turned my head.

"are you stalking us?" Mindy asked. I turn to face them. I shook my head. "you are a psycho" she said. when she said that word my heart dropped. cause my mind immediately went to the day tyron called me that. I felt tears roll down my face slowly.

"are you crying?" she asked sarcastically. Ryan just laughed. I know he said he do it so people wouldn't know that we are friends. but this time it hurted more then it said last time. "can you hear, you psycho" Mindy said. I ran over to her and pushed her on the ground. "DONT EVER CALL ME THAT AGIAN" I yelled. Ryan helped her up and she dusted her self off. "you are crazy" she said. "okay, baby thats enough" ryan said. staring at me. "are you taken her side?" she said. he shook his head. and they started arguing while walking back into the building.

I decided to go for a walk to calm myself down. the whole time I was walking I had my fist clinched. I don't know if I was mad because of Tryon or because Mindy brought back the memory of him.
what do y'all think??

its really short...but I had writers block.

what do y'all ink about Sophie grabbing the wrong flash drive??

what do y'all think about Sophie going on a date with Trevor??

what do y'all think about Mindy reminding Sophie of tyron??




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