Chapter 21: Knocked Out

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~{ This chapter is dedicated to Uchiha Kurochi for her fabulous contributions to the plot of this story!!}~

    "Light! Would you mind talking with me a little bit?" L asked him quietly, motioning to a secluded corner of the dining room.

    Light eyes him suspiciously but nevertheless follows him and looks at L expectantly. "Yes? What is it?"

    L looks around warily before clearing his throat. "So...I have managed to get Aurora on our team. I'm quite surprised actually. I was 55% sure she was working with Kira. Or even planning on it. Hell, she still might be working with him, but at least now I can test her."

    "So you're telling me you think Aurora is on Kira's side?" Light says. In his mind, Light knew Aurora wasn't working with Kira. But he decided to play it off as if she might actually be on his side. "What led you to think that?"

    "I think you know, Light." And that's all he said before walking off.

     "So, L, what am I supposed to be doing again?" I ask as L hands me a cell phone and a wallet.

    "Okay, you're going to go to this address," he starts, holding out a small slip of paper, "and you're going to bring back the man who lives there for questioning—willingly or by force."

    "But...I thought I was helping you get closer to the suspects. Not fetching them."

    "Well, that too. Now, Aurora, this man, Mr. Hyuni, he's not very dangerous. He lives alone and should be an easy guy to convince to come back here."

    I sigh, grumbling under my breath. This whole thing was irritating me, and I was starting to wish I didn't agree to help him out.

    "I guess I'll leave you to it then. I shall see you when you get back, yes?"

    I nod.

    "And after you're done with that one, there's another guy for you to seize. But I'll tell you more about him when you return." L turned and left the room.

    I grab my things and leave the premise. It was time for my first objective. I got into a cab and gave the driver the address in my hands. I turn in my seat and watch out the window as he drove through the city and into a small neighborhood. Driving along the street, he turned into a driveway.

    "$24.85 please," the driver said, turning around in his seat to watch me.

    I quickly get out the wallet L gave me and fumble to open it nervously. I finally open it and hand him $25. "Keep the change," I mumble, getting out of the car and quietly shutting the door. I walk up the sidewalk, my heart pounding in my chest like a bass drum. I was honestly nervous about talking to this man. I knock on his door and wait.

    I heard the door opening only to have it be stopped by a chain. An eye watched me from the crack. "Who is it?"

    "My name is Aya Garusi," I lie, using the name L gave me, "and I'm looking for Guro Hyuni. Would that be you?"

    "Well, that would depend on who's asking."

    "Sir, I'm not working with the police. This is strictly business."

    "What kind of business?"

    "I just wanna talk."

    The man grumbles a few words to himself and closes the door, opening it again, this time unchained. "I suppose you can come in," he states, moving aside to make room for me to walk in.

    I slowly step in and look around cautiously.

    "So what is it you want to talk about?" He asks, leading me to a couch and sitting down. Guro watches me suspiciously and crosses his arms.

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