Chapter 4: Nightmares, Cap'n Crunch, and Light

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I woke up from the horrible nightmare, sweat running down my forehead. My nightmare was about a torture session back at the institute. I cringed just thinking about it. My eyes glided across the room, finally landing on a bench holding a sleeping Misa.

'So much for watching me,' I think to myself. I cautiously stand from the bed and stretch my arms above my head, yawning. I kneel down by the bench Misa was resting on and tapped her shoulder. "Psst, Misa, wake up," I whisper.

Misa stirs a little bit but still doesn't wake. She murmurs a soft 'Light' and smiles in her sleep.

I sigh and shake her. "Misa, wake up," I say, a bit louder this time.

Misa slowly opens her eyes. "Mmmm...good morning..." she says drowsily.

"Hi, um I want to leave this room. Will you come with me?" I ask.

Misa slowly sits up on the bench. "Yeaaaah...owwie...I never knew benches could hurt your back so bad. Even cushioned benches," she says. She stands up and walks with me out the door and to the elevator. "I'm not exactly sure if everyone's up yet. I'm sure Light and L probably are. They're always up. But the others...they're kinda unpredictable." Misa pressed the down button and turned to me. "Usually breakfast is whatever you want. There's plenty of food in the cabinets and refrigerator. So just eat what you wish. Except...the chocolate. Mello might try to kill you if you eat his choco." Misa giggles as the elevator door opens. We both step into the elevator and Misa presses the button for the first floor.

The elevator opens to the first floor and Misa and I walk to the kitchen, her leading the way of course. I open the cabinets and search around. I find a box of Cap'n Crunch' and pull it out. "What about this?" I ask.

Misa giggles. "Yeah, but it's Matt's cereal so don't eat too much." She goes to the fridge and gets out a pack of bacon and a carton of eggs. "I'm gonna make Light's breakfast!" she says enthusiastically. She puts a skillet on the eye of the stove and turns the heat on. Misa puts bacon on the skillet. She begins to cook Light's breakfast, flipping the bacon occasionally.

The smell wafted towards me and I breath in the scent. "Mmm...that smells good..." I say. I pour myself some Cap'n Crunch and look to Misa for further instructions.

She giggles childishly. "Aurora, you're supposed to put milk in after you pour the cereal." Grabbing a gallon of milk out of the fridge, she poured it into my bowl, grabbing a spoon out of the dishwasher and putting it in my cereal. She turned around and handed me my bowl of cereal. "Dig in!"

I shrug and grab the bowl from her. "Thanks, Misa," I say as I walk to the table and begin eating. "Yum," I say in between mouthfuls, "this tastes great."

Misa giggles, taking bacon off of the skillet and onto a plate. "Yeah, I think that's why Matt buys it." I watch her as she carefully cracks an egg on the edge of the counter and splits it in half, the egg falling into the skillet.

"Mmmm, what's that smell?"

I turned towards the person speaking and see Matt.

"I'm making Light's breakfast!" Misa says cheerily.

"Only Light's?" he asks.

"Yup! Make your own breakfast!" she giggles, looking back at the stove.

I shrug, continuing to eat my cereal. Matt sits down next to me after grabbing a bowl of the same cereal. He looks at me and cocks his head to the side a bit. "So you're that chick L is keeping such a close eye on. Hmmm, interesting," he says. He glances at my half empty bowl of cereal and smirks. "So you like Cap'n Crunch?"

I nod slowly, unsure where he was going with this conversation. I look out of the corner of my eye at Matt and see him looking me up and down. I roll my eyes and eat another bite of Cap'n Crunch.

"Hmmm, you're quite beautiful y'know. Ever played Xbox? Or PS3?"

I turn to Matt, somewhat confused at the terms he was using. "Xbox? PS3? What's that?" I ask curiously.

Matt chuckles. "I'll show you after you finish your cereal."

I shrug. "Okay..." I look up to see L and Light walking into the kitchen.

"Light! Here, I made you breakfast!" Misa says, handing Light a plate of the fried eggs and bacon.

Light takes the plate and takes a small bite out of the bacon. He crinkled his nose in distaste and hands the plate back to Misa. "It tastes like dirt," he says simply.

Misa maintains her cheery smile and says, "Okay, I'll just make you another plate!"

I narrow my eyes and grab a piece if bacon off of the plate, taking a bite and savoring it's flavor. It tasted nothing like dirt! I glared at Light, feeling strangely protective of my new friend. "This tastes great, Misa!"

"Do you want the rest? I'm making some more for Light because he doesn't like it."

I smile a small smile and take the plate from her. "Yeah sure," I say sweetly. As I eat my food, I cut my eyes at the smirking Light. 'Light, if you hurt her, I will kill you,' I think to myself.

*~{Sorry, once again, for the short chapters! This chapter was kinda slow :( but bear with me! There's about to be LOTS of drama! ;) }~*

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