Chapter 18: The End of the Line

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*{Aurora's Point of View}*

I awake in my bed, the light from the morning sun beaming brightly into my room. I slowly stand and groan, feeling achey all over from last night's dance marathon. Misa had gotten bored of sitting down and forced me to dance with her along to Gangam Style and other fast beat songs.

I slipped in a soft purple robe and tied it, making my way into an elevator and down to the kitchen. Grabbing a bowl out of the cupboard, I poured in a small amount of Cap'n Crunch and accompanying it with the perfect amount of milk. Sitting down between L and Misa at the table, I dig in.

"Good morning, Aurora!" Misa exclaims cheerfully.

"Morning..." I mumble, shoving another spoonful of cereal in my mouth.

"What is the matter, Aurora?" asked a bored L.

"Nothing. I'm just exhausted after having only 3 hours of sleep..." I grumble, glaring at Misa.

"You shouldn't complain. I rarely sleep at all."

"Yeah!" Misa pipes in, "And its not like I told you to get up at 7 in the morning. You did it yourself!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know." I finish up my cereal and stand, walking to the sink and gently placing my bowl in the sink.

"So...whatcha doing today?" Misa asked.

"Matt and I are going on a date." I walk out of the kitchen and to my room, yanking open my closet door and digging through it for a decent outfit. Finally finding one, I slide off my robe and my dainty nightgown. I quickly put on a bra and slide on the rest of my clothes.

Misa follows me, not even remotely embarrassed at seeing me half naked. "I think you two should break up."

I frown, "Jeez, you don't beat around the bush. Why do you want us to break up?"

"Well, you guys are NEVER together. Its like you guys aren't even together. When's the last time you and him went on a date? And not to his room for a game."

I clench my jaw, contemplating the last few weeks in my head. "Um...I can't remember."

"See, exactly my point!" Misa says, "That's why you should drop him and move on!"

I sigh, "I know, I just like being around him. Anyways, I think you and Light should break up too!"

Misa gasps, "But why? I love Light! He's my life!!"

I roll my eyes, "Misa, have you not noticed how much of a jerk he is? I think Haru is a better choice for you," I say, smiling and raising my eyebrows.

Misa turns pink and shakes her head. "He's a flirt. And he might cheat."

I snort, "And you think Light hasn't?"

"Light wouldn't do that! He's not like that!"

"Don't be so sure, Misa. He's been hanging out with Kyomi Takada recently..."

Misa frowns, "You don't think they are doing stuff, do you?"

"I don't know. Maybe you should keep an eye on him, though. I'll help if you'd like," I offer her.

"No, it would be really bad if you found out I was following him."

I laugh snarkily and say, "It'd be even worse if you don't do anything and he's making out with her right now!"

"Aurora, Light rarely even kisses me, much less some other girl," Misa states, trying to assure me, but she didn't sound so sure herself.

" Ok, sorry for bringing it up. Let's change the subject. you have any upcoming runway shows?"

"Yeah, I'm actually having one next week! Wanna come?" She asks, her mood going from upset to excited faster than the speed of light.

I smile and sit on my bed to put on some studded gladiator sandals. "Yeah, I would love to."

"I'll get some seats reserved for you. Make sure you bring a date! And it can't be Matt!"

I smile, "Sure Misa. I might...And thanks."

She smiles happily and grabs my hand, dragging me back to the kitchene which was now empty. "So, what are you and Matt going to do tonight?"

I sigh, " I don't even know...All I know is that tonight is what makes or breaks us. To tell you the truth, I think he'd rather lock himself in his room with his video games rather than be with me."

"That is probably true."

I turn towards the door, feeling slightly agitated about the eavesdropper. My eyes registered on Mello and I groan. "Have you never heard of privacy?"

He shrugs, " I have a message from Matt. He said he'll meet you in your room instead of his and at 10 instead of 7."

"It'd be nice if he'd actually take her out somewhere nice. She needs to be appreciated. You should tell him that," Misa stated.

"Misa! Don't say that!" I say.

"Nah, I'll be sure to tell Matt. No big deal," Mellow said, grinning smugly.

I sigh, rolling my eyes. "Mello, what's your problem?"

Mello shrugs, "I don't know but I miss my best friend. Earlier was the first time I had seen him in a while. He's been spending all his time with you..."

"Mello, Actually I hadn't seen Matt for a while either until yesterday so it wasn't because of me tthat he wasn't hanging out with you."

"Well If he hasn't been with you, who has he been with?"

I shrug. "Like I said, I haven't been with him so I don't know who he's hanging out with."

Mello glares at me. "Aurora, that what isa damn rhetorical questions! Geez..."

" Whatever Mello. Thanks for the message but please just go away. You're just pissing me off being here," I say, opening a cupboard and grabbing one of L's Zebra Cakes.

"Fine...I'll leave..." Mello mumbles, going to the elevator and leaving.

I sit at the table and eat my zebra cake.

"Ugh! That Mello guy is such a jerk!"

"I know, Misa. He can be sometimes," I say, eating the Zebra Cake.

>>FF to 10 p.m.>>

I made sure to leave the door open and sat on my bed, waiting for my boyfriend to show up.

After 30 minutes, I sigh. 'Matt, Where the hell are you?! It doesn't take 30 minutes to step in the elevator and come up here!'

I wait another hour and sigh. The bastard stood me up. And today was his last chance. This was the end of the line.

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