Chapter 23: Light's New Objective

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Silver stared back at me, sort of in shock. "Aurora? You're Aurora, right?"

I nod slowly. "Yes. I most certainly am. You are Silver, right?"

Silver nods. " remember me?" She asks, almost a little incredulous.

I nod. "How could I forget? The only kind soul I encountered at the DRI other than obliviously stupid interns and nauseatingly sweet coffee girls. gave me hope," I explain genuinely. I sneak a peek at L and note his intent gaze on me and Silver. I hurriedly glanced away and back at her.

Silver smiles a small smile. " did you end up here?"

"Well...I believe that fate had something to do with it. Misa picked me up off the street out of the kindness of her heart and brought me back here. And...I've gotten along with everybody here. Which is an additional bonus. So in all honesty, I think I just belong here."

Silver nods, "But...Aurora...if the DRI find you...what will you do?"

My smile morphs into a frown. Yikes, I didn't think about that alternative ending to my story. I begin to think about all the things I could do if that actually did happen. The list went on and on but suddenly I couldn't think about anything but my anger at the DRI, and my vectors shot out of my body, flailing around uncontrollably and breaking glass, hitting walls, and barely missing the other girl that came with Silver. I panicked and suddenly my vectors stopped. I let out a sigh of relief, relieved that no one was hurt-or killed-by my weapons and sit on the floor.

Silver kneels next to me and lays her hand to rest on my shoulder while she looks at me reassuringly. "If I know L, he'll never let them take you again. Don't worry, Aurora." She gives me a sweet smile and stands to approach L, inconspicuously gesturing for him to follow her.

L receives her gestures quickly and follows behind her as she leads him to the kitchen.

I look towards the other girl, Bandella, and attempted to start a conversation. " you're Bandella right?"

She glances at me, glances away and nods. I could tell she was uncomfortable being near me.

I look to Haru and tell him with my eyes that I want him to come near me. He raises an eyebrow but comes forward anyway, obviously curious. "Haru...where is Misa?" I ask.

"Misa? I don't know..." He looks down, "I guess that's kinda bad huh...since she's my girlfriend..."

My eyes widen. "Wait...girlfriend?"

Haru tenses. "Well...that's what I'd like to call it. I mean...we haven't officially said that. Yet. But like...she treats me like I'm her boyfriend. And she trash talks Light. So that has to mean something, right?"

I shrug. "I mean...don't assume yet. Has she told you she broke up with Light yet?"

Haru sighs. "You're right. I should just wait until she lets me know. Grr just sometimes I wish she was a single lady. She deserves so much better than that asshole, Light, y'know?"

I nod, agreeing completely. "I know. He...gets away with a lot when it comes to her. She was-and probably still is-infatuated with him. Which is one thing that worries me...we don't know where she is. We don't know where Light is. That might not be ideal."

Haru nods, understanding why I summoned him. "That's why you got me over here, right?"

"Yes. I'm just concerned. And you've been around her a lot lately. I fear that...Light might get her caught up in this Kira investigation like L did me. It's not safe for her. She's only a mere human. I am a Diclonius so it's all right for me."

"Yes, and I never asked...what happened to you tonight?"

"I just got beat up a bit. Don't worry, I'll heal." I stand up. "Well...I'm gonna go find her. I wanted to tell her something anyways," I say, walking away and taking the elevator to Misa's floor. I get out of the elevator and look for Misa. Making my way around her lolita style furniture, I listen carefully for any voices. Quietly stepping to the hall way, I walk past Misa's bedroom door but stop suddenly.

"Light...I have to tell you something..." I heard her say, her voice in shaky gasps.

"Mmm what, Misa?" asks a husky Light.

"I...I can't tell you L's real name."

Suddenly it got silent. Then the sound of skin impacting skin erupted the room. I growl, assuming what happened and ripped the door off of its hinges with my vectors.

Misa was under Light and both of them were half naked: both with no shirt on. I looked between the both of them and noticed a pained look on Misa's face.

Light looked furious. His hand was in post-slap position and he glared at me. "What the hell are you doing?"

"What am I doing? What are YOU doing? Did you slap Misa?" I ask, furious.

"It's none of your business," he growls.

I narrow my eyes. "I'll make it my business, Light. And trust me, you don't want that." I look to Misa, waiting for some kind of reaction from her but she stayed quiet-which I might add is very rare-and I step closer to them. "You are lucky I had control of myself, Light Yagami, otherwise you'd be one dead bastard. I could kill you right now. But...I'm not. Only because someone who really cares about Misa is probably going to kick your ass anyway. Misa, get dressed. We're going to go talk to Haru." I wait for her as she stumbles around and then I drag her all the way to Haru.

~{Light's Point of View}~

As Aurora took Misa away, I thought about my impulsive actions. They were definitely going to cost me. It was going to take a bit to get Misa back on my side. And...if Aurora ever recalled what Misa said about L's full name...well it would be over. That only meant one thing. Aurora had to be eliminated. Somehow or another. "Time to figure out how to kill a Diclonius," I say, putting my shirt on and walking out with a new goal in mind.

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