Chapter 14: A Childhood Friend

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The next few months passed perfectly. The date Matt and I went on ran smoothly. I didn't hurt anyone. L actually smiled a few times for me. Light continued to be a jerk to Misa and so on. But one day, a strange boy came to the building...

L groaned as I stole his cake again. "Aurora! I give you a piece of my cake one day and you think you can just snatch it from under my nose whenever you'd like? Give it back!" he says, still crouching in his seat.

I smirk. "Then why don't you come get it from me?"

L just stayed put, probably debating whether to waste his energy chasing me or to just sit tight. Suddenly, L and I heard a knock. He stood up and opened the door, his eyes sort of widening.

"Hey big brother! What is up?!" a boy shouts. He man-hugs L.

" did you find me? And what are you doing here?" L asks, somewhat stunned by this boy's sudden appearance.

"I have my sources...And I am here to see you," Haru said. He put his arm around L in a friendly manner and looked around. "You!"

I frown. "Yes?"

"You look like a porn star," he said simply.

I frown. "What is that supposed to mean? What's a 'porn star'?"

Haru bursts out laughing. "You don't know what a porn star is?"

I shake my head, unsure of where this was going.

"A porn star is a girl who plays in pornography and she gets f-"

"Haru, shut it. That's not quite appropriate, and you know it," L scolded him.

"Yeah, I know. I couldn't help myself,jeez." Haru gets out an iPod Touch and smirks. "I am just going to sit on your couch and listen to some Marilyn Manson. Okay?"

L shrugs and sits back down in his crouching position on the couch next to Haru. "Aurora, this is an old friend of mine. His name is Haru. Haru, this is my friend, Aurora."

I nod. "It's a pleasure, Haru," I say, still unsure of this boy.

Haru nods in my direction. "Nice to meet you too, Aurora. Sorry for calling you a porn star even though it is true. Or maybe a wannabe porn star. Either one," he chuckles, winking.

I shrug and take a bite out of L's chocolate cake. I had no idea what he was talking about, nor did I want to know.

Haru put his earbuds in his ears, blasting 'The Beautiful People'.

I sigh. "L, why was he calling me a 'porn star'?"

"He always speaks his mind."

"But why would he call me that? I don't even know what a porn star is!"

"Who called you a porn star?" asked a curious Mello.

I point at Haru. "He did..." I say, not wanting to get him involved.

Mello chuckles. "He probably calls you that because of your assets," he infers.

"My assets...? Really Mello? I know what that means," I say, crossing my arms.

Mello chuckles. "Has Matt seen your assets yet?"

My entire face turns red, and I look away. "No! Why would you ask that?"

L shakes his head, clearly perturbed. "Take this immature conversation elsewhere."

I sighed and wondered what Matt was doing. He was never with me anymore. Maybe it was because our relationship had become quite...boring. Sort of bittersweet. Maybe it was break up.

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