Chapter 9: Sims 2

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I wake up from my nap to the sound of soft tapping on my door. "Come in..." I say drowsily.

Matt walked into the room, holding his Xbox case and games. "Oh, sorry Aurora. Did I wake you?"

I quickly sit up. "Kind of but I'm fine. I was actually waiting for one of you to come and entertain me. I swear I'm going to die of boredom," I groan.

Matt chuckles, hooking up his Xbox 360 and putting in my favorite game, Skyrim. "Well, are you ready to defeat Alduin and save all of Skyrim?"

I grin, "Of course! I'll teach that old dragon who's boss with my Dragonrend!" I grabbed the controller and began playing Skyrim as my character, a Khajiit named Celendine. I used the Dragonrend Shout to force him to land and finally slayed him. "Haha! In your face, Alduin!"

Matt chuckles. "You're really becoming a gamer, aren't you?"

I smile. Every day he came and brought his games. They-including Matt-were growing on me. "Yeah, thanks to you, I'm addicted." I continued playing, doing missions for the Dark Brotherhood. I felt eyes on me and I glanced at Matt and see him staring at me. "What's wrong, Matt?"

Matt gets a little color to his cheeks. "Nothing's wrong. Just watching you kick ass," he says.

I give him a quizzical look. "Oh, okay. Well, um do you want to play a different game? A two-player or co-op game?"

Matt smiles. "You havent played Sims yet, have you?"

I shake my head.

Well et's play! I'll be right back. I gotta get my PS2." Matt rushes out of the room.

"Okay..." I say. I sigh, continuing to play Skyrim and kill the contracts while waiting for Matt.

"I'm back," he says as he walks into my room.

"Okay, let me save real quick." I save my game and turn the Xbox off.

Matt hooks up his PS2 and hands me the second controller. "Sims 2 is pretty much a simulation of real life. So we will play on Freeplay mode and we'll live together. You can make your character and I'll make mine. You can also make another person if you'd like," he explained to me.

I nod and watch as Matt chooses Freeplay and chooses a lot to build on. He created his character and it looked almost identical to him. I played around with mine a bit but finally made mine look like me, except I added a couple of piercings and tattoos. "Okay, now what?" I ask.

"Choose a name, personality, aspiration, etc."

I read the different aspirations and finally settle on the Wealth aspiration. I pick my personality and put my name in. "Okay, I'm done!"

"Okay, do you want to create another?"

"Nah, we don't need another," I say.

"Okay, so first things first. We should probably get jobs so we can buy awesome stuff. We only start out with $20,000."

I frown. "Isn't that a lot?"

"Not really. Not in this game at least. We actually have to build our house and everything costs money. Especially if we build a mansion. We don't really need a mansion because it's only the two of us."

"Okay, cool. Let's get started!"

Matt began building our house, making it the perfect size. He even added an extension onto his room for an arcade. He began decorating and usually asked me what wallpaper and flooring I wanted. I usually just picked a random one and cotinued watching. Finally came the furnishing. Matt bought lots of video games and finally handed me his controller. "Go ahead and pick all of your furniture and set it up in your room."

I begin, picking a single bed, a computer desk, a computer, a huge painting, a side table, a couple of lights and a lamp for the side table.

"Okay, which room do you want to furnish next? Living room? Kitchen? Or your bathroom?"

I pondered this for a moment. "Living room?"

Matt chuckles. "Are you sure? Your answer sounded like a question."

I smile. "Yeah, I'm sure." I furnished the living room with furniture that looked best with the wallpaper and flooring. "Okay, done!"

"It looks great! Do you want to do another room?"

I crinkle my nose. "Nah, I just wanna get to playing."

"Okay, I'll do the rest." Matt decorates the kitchen and dining room and decorates his bathroom. "Okay, Aurora. Do you want a shower stall or a bathtub?"

"Bathtub," I say.

Matt places a tub in my bathroom and places anything else we might need. Finally, he saves the game and returns to the game. "Now we can play."

I went to my computer and got a job. My job was a Hand Model on the fashion career pathway. I walked to my bed and went to sleep for work. "So how do I go to work?"

Matt answers that and other questions I have. We continue playing and enjoying the game until Matt began socializing with my sim.

I had no control over the situation and watched as our sims interacted. I saw Matt choose a choice called 'hit on' and giggled as our characters acted weird. "That's weird!"

I look over and see Matt blushing lightly. "You're right."

A bit later, I watch as Matt picks a choice called 'kiss'. I blushed as Matt's sim leans into mine and kisses her. I glance at Matt to see him blushing also.

After a couple hours of gaming, there was a knock. "Come in!" I shouted, my eyes still fixated on the tv.

L walks into the room. "I see you're with Matt."

"Maybe I should go, Aurora. You can keep the PS2 in here. Just in case you get bored, ya know?" Matt says, packing up his Xbox.

I smile, "Thanks, Matt! That's so sweet!"

Matt smiles, nodding his head. "No problem. I rarely play it anyway. So I'll just be going."

"Bye, Matt!"

Matt stops before leaving and turns to look at me. "Aurora, before I leave, I want to ask you something."

"What is it, Matt?" I ask.

"After you're allowed out of your room, will you go on a date with me?"

I smile and nod, "Of course, Matt. I'd love to!"

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