Chapter 7: Just Like the Video Games

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Matt quickly prints out a packet of the information he found and rushes it to L. "L! You've got to look at this."

L grabs the packet from Matt and looks it over. "Hmmm...interesting," he says.

"It's like something you'd see from my video games!" Matt exclaims.

"Ah, so that explains the horn-like protrusions coming from the temporal and parietal regions of her skull," L replies.

"So...Aurora is a...Diclonius?" Matt asks, shocked.

L nods slowly. "So...she was experimented on? Interesting..." L says, his eyes still on the packet.

"What do you mean experimented on?" he asks.

"You didn't read the packet before you gave it to me?"

Matt shook his head. "No, only a couple of things. Like the invisible vectors that can grasp, impact, and slice things. Maybe that's what was drawing me to her. Her invisible hands..." he says, mumbling the last sentences under his breath.

"Ah, so that's how she killed those people at the DRI," L concludes, his eyes still scanning through the packet.

Matt sits on the couch and plops his feet up on the coffee table. "So what are you gonna do?"

L puts a finger to his chin. "Hmm well there's a 17% chance that she's a danger to us."

"Speaking of Aurora, where is she?"

"She's in her room. She was being uncooperative," L says nonchalantly.

Matt sighs. "So you lock her in her room?"

"Matt, tell me this. Why exactly do you care?"

Matt thought about this. Why exactly did he care? Maybe it was because he immediately took a liking to the fuchsia-haired Diclonius. "I just do," he says.

L raises an eyebrow.


Matt turned his head towards the elevator door to see Light walking towards L.

"What is it, Light?"

"Did you find out any information about Aurora?"

"Yes. I did. Here are the papers," L said, handing them to Light.

Matt rolled his eyes at Light and looked away from the two detectives.

'So that's why I couldn't kill her,' Light thought to himself as he read through the information, 'she's a Diclonius.' Light looked up at L. "Hmmm, so she's not human. Isn't it dangerous for her to be here?"

"There's a 17% chance that she will pose a threat to us. Maybe even less if she's grown close to anybody here. Of course it's only her second day here, so I doubt that's happened."

Matt sighs, feeling a bit weird just sitting here as L and Light talked about Aurora. Matt stood up from the couch. He walked to the elevator, pressing the up button and going back to play Xbox.

I sat in my room, bored out of my mind. I had already taken out my anger on anything breakable around the room besides my bed. The room was a mess. 'Serves him right,' I think to myself angrily.

"Aurora, I'm coming in."

I narrow my eyes as L opens the door, his eyes widening a bit as he sees the mess. "What do you need?"

"I just want to talk," he says as he sits next to me.

"Talk? There's nothing to say."

L sighed. "Well I have something to say. I know what you are."

I shrug. "And? What about it?"

"Considering you're very dangerous, I'm gonna have to tell you to stay in this room until I have proof that you won't hurt anybody here." L stood up and left the room.

'Great, just wonderful,' I think.

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