Chapter 1: Escape

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 I slowly walked away from the quarantined facility that I had been locked in for all of my life and smirked. Stupid fools. Did they really think they could keep me contained forever? All of those torture sessions and experiments fueled my anger until, finally, I found my way out. The sweet little maid who had to clean up. It didn't take long after that. She was, after all, new. It's not like she knew not to go into the evil Diclonius's glass cell. If you ask me, the fool was asking to get her head blown off...

   I chuckled to myself. "I guess I should find some clothes," I say to myself, looking down at my bloody, naked body. I shrugged and continued walking up a cliff and jumped into the water below.

   Light Yagami sighed, laying back in his chair and sighing. Today was another boring day. No criminals to kill and it had been that way for over two weeks now. Misa was annoying as always, but he could usually get rid of her with a kiss or two. Mello, Matt, Near, and L were out doing who cares what, and Matsuda was somewhere not here. He boredly reached forward and pushed the power button on the TV remote control.

   "Now! Breaking news! Massacre at the DRI in Kamakura!"

   Light's eyes widened as his hand instinctively went to his Death Note.

   "We've just received word that escaped Silpelit murderer, Aurora Hakatashi, has escaped from her cell in the DRI and has killed about 25 guards! This woman is very dangerous and won't hesitate to kill. If you see her, take leave immediately and notify the police." As the reporter talked, a picture of the girl appeared on the screen. It was a headshot. Light studied it thoroughly, surprisingly in awe at her beauty. Long, dark fuchsia hair; cat-shaped, red eyes; high cheekbones; a small, petite nose; and porcelain pale skin.

   He wrote her name in the Death Note and wrote her cause of death: crucifixion. He smirked and waited, knowing something like this would surely be on the news soon. He pressed the power button on the TV, and stood up, deciding to treat himself to a nap. He  hid the Death Note and then laid down in his bed and instantly fell asleep, Aurora filling his dreams.

   I finally washed up on the shore and sighed, slowly stepping out of the water. I looked around and smirked. Typical city. Tall buildings, lots of people, cars zooming past. I walked up the beach and started walking down the sidewalk on the side of the street.

   A car pulled over next to me. A scruffy looking man rolled down the window and poked his head out. "Need a ride, baby?" he asked.

   I sighed. I knew what he thought was gonna go on, but I had something different in mind. I smiled innocently and nodded.

   "Okay, get in then, sexy!"

   I opened the passenger door and sat in the car.

   "Where are we headed?" he asked.

   "Um...just to a store," I say, not knowing the name of any stores yet.

   "Okay," he said, driving until he took a right turn into a dark alley.

   "This isn't a store," I say.

   The man chuckles evilly and locks the doors. He turns to me and begins to touch me. "Just sit back and relax, baby. You're in for a world of pleasure."

   I sit in my seat, not amused. "I will give you one warning before you're in for a world of pain! Now get your grimy hands off of me," I say nonchalantly.

   The man ignores me and continues his actions.

   I smirked and three of my vectors came out and grabbed him. I started to laugh as I watched him struggle for breath. I used my last vector to pull off one of his arms. His eyes widened and blood began to gush out of the spot where his arm used to be. I finally used my vectors to squeeze his neck until his head popped off. Blood spurted out of his neck and I dropped his body.

   'Great,' I think to myself, 'I have blood all over me again.' I shook it off and grabbed the huge trench coat he had on, slowly sliding it on my shoulders. I stepped out of the car and started walking away.

   After I made it back onto the main road, I began walking in search of a store or a hotel to stay in.

   Another car, this time a limousine, pulled over next to me and a girl rolled down the window. "Hi! Do you need a ride?" she asked cheerily.

   I looked at the girl. "Sure." I got in the back with her and looked around. It was nice.

   "So what's your name?" she asked.

   "Aurora. Yours?"

   "You don't know who I am? I am Misa Amane!" she said, super cheerily.

   "I've been in a hospital all my life," I say, not entirely lying.

   Misa smiles, "Oh well, at least you're out now, right?"

   I nod, looking down at the buttons of the trench coat and fiddling with them.

   Misa noticed my coat and frowned. "That coat's ugly. Do you want some of my clothes?" she asks.

   I shrug, "I guess if you want. I would appreciate it," I say.

   Misa grabs a suitcase from the seat next to her and opens it. She then pulls out a black Lolita-style dress with ruffles on the skirt and chains hanging from certain places on the waist. It was somewhat low-cut and had ruffled short sleeves. "Here! Put it on!" She hands it to me.

   I take the soft, satiny dress in my hands.

   "Can you bring down the screen? Thanks!" Misa said. All of a sudden a black screen came from the ceiling of the limo to ensure privacy from Misa's male driver.

   I shrug off the grimy trench coat and put on the dress. It felt so much better on my skin than the rough  coat. "Thank you," I say to Misa.

   Misa beams in return. "You're so very welcome!! Do you have a place to stay?"

   I shake my head l. "Not really."

   "Do you wanna stay with me?" she asks excitedly.

   "Well, that would actually be nice. Would you mind?" I ask.

   "No, not at all! Let's go! I'll take you!" she says, "Let's go home!" she tells the driver.


   The driver stopped at a huge tower-like building. "We're here, Ms. Misa."

   Misa grabbed her suitcase and stepped out of the limo. "Thanks!" she told the driver.

   I stepped out of the limo too and walked around the car to walk with Misa. "Thank you, by the way," I say.

   "No problem!" she says.

   We both walked side-by-side to the door. Misa unlocked the door and we both walked in. "Light! L! I'm home!"

   I looked around and was impressed by the luxury of this building compared to the glass cell I was usually held in. I sat down on the couch and laid back on it, getting comfortable for the first time in my life.

   A boy with bronze colored hair in a longish style came down the stairs in black pajamas. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and looked at Misa. "What do you want now, Misa?"

   Misa squealed and ran to hug him. "Oh, Light! I missed you sooo much!"

   Light rolled his eyes but hugged her back.

   Misa pulled away and kissed his lips, closing her eyes and popping her foot.

   Light kissed back, but his eyes were open. He pushed her away.

   "Light! I made a friend!" She dragged Light over to me and I saw Light go pale.

   I stood up. I guess news already got out about me and the massacre. I smiled pleasantly and held out my hand. "Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Aurora Hakatashi."

    Light barely touched my hand before pulling it away and gulping. "Nice to meet you, Aurora."

   I smiled. From Light's reaction, I could tell his thoughts. And they were 'Oh shit!'

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