Chapter 5: Gaming With Matt

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After breakfast, Matt brought me to his 'mancave'. It was really messy and looked like a tornado had gone through it. "So this is an Xbox 360. It's the best gaming system in the market right now. There are a few drawbacks about it. You have to pay for online gaming and such. That's why I also own a PS3, so I can freely download games and music and such without paying for online activity." He points out the different game systems to me.

I stare ahead at the game systems, confused. "Uh...okay...?" I say.

Matt turns to me, chuckling. "You probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about, do you?"

I shake my head slowly. He smirks, handing me a white controller. "This is an Xbox controller." He points out the variety of buttons and turns on the game system. "We're going to play a game called Halo 3. Just follow me and move this around to aim." He started walking, and I followed behind slowly. "You see the thing in the middle of your screen?"

I nod.

"That's called the crosshairs. When you press RT," he puts his finger over mine on a button on the controller, "your gun shoots where the crosshairs are. Those ugly things over there are called grunts. You shoot them. Understand?"

I nod, feeling a bit of heat rushing to my cheeks. "So, I just do this?" I aim the crosshairs at a grunt's head and press RT.

Matt chuckles. "You catch on fast," he says. He expertly takes out the bigger versions of the grunts and continues on.

I follow him and continue shooting the grunts, getting better and better at the game.

L plopped a huge piece of German chocolate cake on his plate as he turned to Light. "So, I think there's a 10% chance that Aurora is with Kira. We need to keep a close eye on her for sure. Don't let her find out about any of our full names either."

"Yeah, of course. But what makes you believe that girl is on Kira's team?" he asks boredly.

L sighs. "Isn't it obvious? One, she killed over twenty people. Two, she was broadcasted on national news. Three, she's still not dead."

"I suppose I see what you mean," Light replies. He stands up and walks to the elevator. "I'm going now," Light says, pressing the up button and waiting for the elevator.

L takes a giant chunk out of his cake, shoving it his mouth and enjoying its taste. 'I should probably start investigating Aurora soon,' he thinks to himself, 'I will later on. For now, I shall enjoy my cake.'

I grab a weapon that Matt told me was 'destructive'. I aimed its huge crosshairs at a Ghost and press RT. As soon as the Ghost is hit, it blows up. "Whoa, what's this called?" I ask.

Matt chuckles and leans towards his right, opening a mini fridge and grabbing a can of something called 'Bud Light'. "I'm guessing you like the explosive weapons, huh? That particular weapon is called a rocket launcher. But make sure you don't waste the rockets. There's limited ammunition for that type of gun." He opens the can and gulps down some of the contents. "Ahh, want one?" he asks me.

I raise an eyebrow. "What is it exactly?"

"It's called a beer. It's great especially if ya wanna just let loose."

I gingerly nod my head. "Uh...I guess."

Matt grabs another beer outta the mini fridge and hands it to me. I stare at it for a second before opening it and drinking it. The wheat colored liquid burned my throat as I swallowed it. "You're right. This is great," I say, flashing a rare smile.

He chuckles and begins playing the game again. "I am glad you liked it."

~~12 Beers Later~~

"So teeeeell me why you're wearing a gruuuunt on your head?" I slur, hanging on Matt's arm.

"What are you talking about, Aurora?" he says, trying hard to keep his eyes on the ginormous Scarab on the screen.

"Sashay the play phone!" I giggle. I see the room spinning, and I grip Matt's arm tighter.

"Shit, Aurora, you're distracting me!" Matt exclaims.

I had stopped playing about 6 beers ago. I just decided to watch since I couldn't keep up with Matt. I swayed around a little bit, unable to keep my balance, until I finally fell backwards, bringing Matt's arm with me.

"Aurora! You killed me!" he exclaims.

"Noooo! I did not kill you. They killed you!" I giggle, "Can I have another beeeeer?"

"Aurora, I don't think you need another beer. You're already drunk," he reasons.

I huff. "Buuuut Matty, it tastes soooooooooo good!" I whine.

"But Aurora, you're already distracting me from my game," he whines back at me.

I lay on the ground, folding my arms over my chest and purse my lips. "You're not nice," I slur.

Matt ignores me and continues with his game.

I sneakily reach my arm over and grab Matt's open beer. I grin and gulp it down, quietly setting the empty can back down in it's exact place. I yawn loudly and watch Matt play Halo 3.

Matt grabs for his beer and feels that it is lighter than it was before. Knowing that it's empty, he turns to me. "Aurora, you drank it didn't you?" he says.

I giggle, nodding slowly. "I couldn't resist!"

Matt chuckles. "Well don't come whining to me when you wake up with a killer hangover," he says.

I cock my head to the side a bit, confused. "Hangover?"

"It's a side effect of the heavy consumption or use of alcohol or drugs."

I crinkle my nose. "It doesn't sound fun," I mumble.

"Oh, it's not. Trust me," he reassures me.

I watch the ceiling as it spins around me, and suddenly feel sick. "Urgh, I don't feel good," I groan.

Matt grabs my hand and pulls me to the bathroom. It was smaller and the floor was tiled. He sits me down in front of the toilet.

I bend over it, retching into it as Matt holds my hair. I finish, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. "Gross," I murmur.

"Are you okay now?"

"Yeah, I think so," I breathe.

Matt helped me up and flushed the toilet. "Okay, back to the mancave," he says, dragging me back to his room. He immediately returned to his game and I laid on his bed, feeling gross and sweaty. A couple of hours passed and my eyelids felt like lead. I slowly closed my eyes and passed out.

*~{Okay, I'm sorry if Aurora's drunken state was kinda weird. I've never been drunk or been around anybody drunk before so I'm not sure how they would act. And I sincerely apologize if Matt is not in character. I haven't watched any episodes with him in it yet. I just looked up his personality lol. Anyways, comment and fave!}~*

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