Chapter 22: A Glimpse into the Past

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    Our lips were nearly touching before we heard someone burst through the front door and shout, "L!!

Where are you? There're two girls here for you!" It was Haru yelling.

    L pulled away from me, his pale cheeks turning a light shade of pink as he scratched the back of his neck. "I...I apologize for that, Aurora." He cleared his throat, "I'll be right there, Haru!" He stares at me, looking very deep in thought.

    "L? Are you...okay?" I ask, feeling weirdly insecure.

    L clears his throat, his eyes meeting mine. "You'll be okay finishing up, right?"

    "Yeah, of course," I say quickly, looking away and biting my lip.

    "...Okay, I'll see you around, Aurora." He trudged off into the other room, leaving me confused and anxious.

     My heart was beating a mile a minute and my hands were shaking. 'Damn it, L. You should've manned up and kissed me,' I couldn't help but think to myself, 'but then again, I could've met you halfway...Dammit! What the hell is a girl to do?' I stand, walking out of the room and sneakily following L to the living room where two girls were present.

    "Silver, Bandella! Its been quite some time, hasn't it?"

    I watch them carefully, not exactly sure what to think of them. One girl had long, messy dark hair and looked very familiar...I racked my brain for any hint of this young girl but couldn't find anything. I couldn't shake the familiarity. The other girl looked extremely uncomfortable—like she didn't want to be here.

    "Well, sit down, sit down. What can I do for you two?" He asks, sitting in his usual slouched way. 

    I watch the girls carefully, observing and analyzing their body language. I could tell they were nervous by the way they stood. They carefully took a seat on the couch and swapped glances. It was silent for a few minutes and finally the girl with messy hair spoke up. "L, we were wondering...have you heard anything about the Diclonius?"

    He frowns. "You mean Aurora? The woman who escaped the DRI?"

    She nods, "Yes. The DRI want her back. They're looking for her. And...let's just say me and Bandella...we don't want them to get her back."

    L raises an eyebrow. "Oh really, Silver? And why is that?" 

    "L! Have you seen how badly they're treated there? It's horrendous! I volunteered there once! And the Diclonius I saw...It was Aurora. She looked so miserable in the glass cell. They tortured her and did all sorts of things to her! That's why I want to find her. I don't want her to go back to the place that abuses her," Silver finally finished.

    L seemed satisfied with that answer. "Well, S, you'll be happy to know that she is safe. She is staying with me and is in the building."

    She seemed to brighten. "Seriously? Can to her?"

    I smile a small smile. This young girl wanted to talk to a highly dangerous creature who killed a huge wave of people during her escape from a high security facility. She sure was brave...but if she had seen me in the DRI then...I finally I knew where I had seen her before.

                     <<<One Year Ago<<<

    "Send another one on Number 18!" The experimentation director ordered into the microphone, demanding the two men in a small armored booth to launch another huge lead ball at me.

    I tried to evade it but failed, my wrists and ankles chained to the wall behind me. My vectors were weak from rebounding the eight other 200 lbs. lead balls and wouldn't budge. I screamed on impact, the ball smashing my left arm. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to ignore the pain, opening my eyes and waiting for another one. Another came and another after that, each coming with more force than the one before. After they were done with me, my body was bleeding from various places and I could barely feel my body. It felt like someone had ripped me limb from limb. I fell limp, my hair falling in my face as my eyes slowly shut.

    "Is she alright?"

    "She's fine. We were just testing her ability to survive lethal impact. So far she's taken it quite well. The director is planning on increasing the weight of the metal spheres for the next experiment. If she survives all of the sessions, Doctor Nguyen is going to remove her ovaries to try to produce her offspring."

    My eyes shot open and I flailed around, trying to get out of the chains. I looked towards the armored both and saw a guard talking to a young girl. She was tall, very skinny, and pale, but she looked very kind.

    When she heard the chains rattling, she quickly turned in my direction, an empathetic look washing over her face when she saw my pain-filled eyes. "Can't you just...leave her alone?"

    "Why would we do that? We have a huge militaristic opportunity here! This woman, she's nearly invincible and if we can breed them, we can control them and train them to our benefit. Japan will never have to endure losing another war again!" He explained.   

   "But...what if you can't control them? What if they turn against us and slaughter every one of us?"

    The guard hesitated, pondering her question. "That won't happen. If we breed them, they won't have the mindset of that one over there," he said, gesturing in my direction.

    "How can you be so sure? You have no idea what they're capable of. And, frankly, sir, what you're doing...its not right. Whether she's human or one deserves what she's going through. This is...inhumane."

    "I don't give two hoots about what's inhumane. I'm just doing as instructed and I'd really appreciate if you'd stop trying to tell me what's right or wrong!" The guard grabbed his communication device and spoke into it. "Go ahead and send another on Number 18."

    My eyes widened and another lead ball launched at me. My reflexes took over and a vector hit the ball towards the guard.

    He stood frozen, eyes wide and the ball knocked his head off. His body dropped to the ground and blood pooled around his body.

    The girl froze, staring at me, terrified.

    I watched her, silently asking her for help with my eyes. I yank my wrists against the chains, trying hard to break free of them.

    The girl nervously took a step towards me, testing me. I watched her and she stepped towards me a few more times, walking until she was directly in front of me. She gulped and fumbled with the chain, trying to free me.

    "Hey! Stop right there!" A guard approached us, just outside of my vector's radius, ordering the girl.

    She ignored him and yanked in the chains, trying hard to loosen them.

    "Stop what you're doing! I'll shoot!" He says, panicky.

    If she was worried about him shooting her, she didn't show it. She continued and looked me in the eyes bravely. "What's your name?" She asks.

    I glance at the guard behind her and use my vectors to create an invisible shield behind her. I return my gaze to her eyes. "My name is Aurora."

    Suddenly a shot was fired and I felt my body go limp. 'Dammit...tranquilizer dart...' I thought as my consciousness faded.

                    >>>Present Day>>>

    The memory flooded my brain and I stepped into the living room. I looked at Silver and smiled. "Thank you."

    ~{Hey guys! I'm going to continue this story now! I got some ideas in my head and the writer's block is gone! Plus, I kinda missed writing about the characters! Anyways, thanks for being so patient!}~

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