Chapter 8: Demonstration

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Two weeks had passed, and I was still stuck in my room. Matt came sometimes to play video games with me, and L visited to talk. L was actually a very interesting person once you got to know him. I found myself becoming quite drawn to the secretive detective.

I sighed and walked to my closet. Opening it, I picked out a random dress, given to me from Misa of course. I didn't want to be in my pajamas if Matt or L stopped by. 'I hope they stop by,' I thought to myself, 'otherwise, I'll be bored out of my mind.' I grab a book off the shelf and begin reading it. It was a book by the author Edgar Allen Poe.

Reading the entire book, I close it, giggling. That guy was an idiot. After you kill somebody, there heart doesn't continue beating. I mean, it's common sense. So he gave himself up for no reason.

"Aurora, can I come in?"

I frown. "Who is it?" I ask, unfamiliar with this voice. It was like a younger version of L's voice.

"Near," he said simply.

I thought back to the night I was introduced to everyone. The night when I first arrived here. He was the young boy with white hair and white pajamas.

"Oh okay, come in."

Near slowly opened the door and walked in, sitting next to me. "So you're a Diclonius, correct?"

I nodded, not sure where he was going with this.

"Ah, okay. I was just curious. Can you demonstrate to me how your vectors work?"

I shrug. 'What could be the harm?' I think to myself. "Okay, kid, I'll use my vectors, but promise me one thing."

Near nodded. "What is it?"

"Sit here and don't move. If I touch you with my vectors, you might get vector virus."

"What exactly is vector virus?"

"Pretty much, if my vectors touch you, all of your offspring will be silpelits, which are baby Diclonii. So I wanna make sure that you don't accidentally bump into one of them or walk through one of them."

"Fine, I'll sit. I just wanted to watch anyways." Near sat down on my bed and watched me. I glance around, looking for something to break or pick up. I saw a book. I used a vector to grasp the book and open it up, turning pages in midair.

Near watches, really looking fascinated. "Hmm, that is very interesting. So can it go through doors and walls?"

I nod. "To a certain extent. Our vectors have a limit to how long they can reach though. Mine is a 5 meter radius."

"So, you can only use them within your vector radius? And what's the story with this horns?"

I frown. 'I can't tell him about my horns,' I thought to myself, 'He'll figure out my weakness.' I take a breath. "Well, my horns don't really do anything. They're just...there."

Near nods. "Thanks for showing me your Diclonius vectors, Aurora." He walks out of my room and closes the door behind him.

I sigh. Now it was back to boredom while waiting for one of the guys to visit me. I laid back on my bed, staring at the ceiling and slowly falling asleep.

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