Chapter 25: A Date?

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We reached the task force building and I stepped out of the cab, paying the driver again. Silver followed me. I could still feel the heat on my cheeks. By the time we reached the door, I had regained my composure. We walked in calmly and I looked around. Matt and Mello were on the couch playing video games. Near was putting together a 1000-piece puzzle. L was seated in a chair-or slouched as usual-reading a newspaper and holding it in his usual strange way.

I approach him, handing him the plastic bag of his goodies and smile. "It was pretty cheap. I hope you enjoy it!"

L nods and returns the smile-if you could call it that. "Thank you, Aurora. I needed this for strawberry shortcakes. Would you to share one with me later on?"

I get butterflies in my stomach and glance at a smirking Silver. I look back at L's expectant face. "Uh...sure! What time?" I ask.

"Hmm...I'm not sure but you let me know when you're not busy and we'll do it," he says.

I nod. And then it hit me. I had that modeling thing with Misa tonight! I inwardly panicked a bit but decided that I'd plan them for different times. I started to walk off but Silver grabbed my arm, dragging me away.

She pulled me all the way to the kitchen-out of earshot of L and the rest of them-and smiled. "Do you realize what just happened?"

I look at her and shrug confusedly. "Um...we made plans...kinda sorta?" I say.

She nods and grins, "Yes! Do you know what this means?"

" to explain?" I ask, a little confused and curious. My heart was beating fast at the thought of L.

"You two are going on a date!"

I blush and shake my head. "No! He's L!"

Silver raises an eyebrow. "Yeah? Well think about it, Aurora. He asked you to share cake with him! Since when does he like to share ANY of his sweets?"

I thought about it. Silver was right. He didn't like sharing his sweets. But...him asking me on a date...preposterous! He never showed any interest in me in that nature...that is except when he almost kissed me. I felt myself blushing and shook it off. "I don't believe it!"

Silver shrugged. "Okay," she drawled, "I guess you'll just find out!" She smiled and scampered off, leaving me contemplative.

I walked off, deciding to approach Misa about the modeling gig. Making my way to her floor, I approach her. "Misa!"

Misa was, of course, with Haru. They looked like they were having an...emotional, dramatic moment.

"We'll discuss this later," Haru said sternly-to my surprise. He walked off and left.

Misa looked entirely distraught and she looked at me. "Y-yes, Aurora?"

I look back and forth between her and the door that Haru just left through and I frown. "What happened, Misa?"

She shakes her head. "It's nothing. What's up?" She asks me.

"I...I was wondering when the modeling gig was," I explained, still worried.

"Oh, the forecast was showing bad weather so the event overseers cancelled it. It has yet to be rescheduled," she explains.

I briefly remember the grey clouds and the darkening sky during the trip to the store. Definitely ominous weather. "Okay, Misa.'re going to let me know when it's rescheduled?"

Misa nods. "Yes, of course! I really would like for you to take part in it."

I nod. "You know I will, just for you. But that's the only reason. Because I know how much it means to you. you want to tell me what happened between you and Haru before I barged in?"

"It's nothing, Aurora. Just drama."

"I might can help. Just tell me."

"It's about earlier. I told him and...he got upset. Now I fear he's going to do something stupid!"

"Like what? Punch Light a few times like he deserves?! Just let Haru let out his anger. Maybe he'll knock Light off his high horse."

"But...he doesn't need to recklessly go after Light like that!"

I sigh, "Who cares about Light? What's he going to do?"

"A lot more than you think, Aurora. You don't know anything about him!"

I give her a look. "Misa, why are you defending him?"

"I'm not-"

"Yes you are! If I 'don't know anything about him,' why do I know that he's an egotistical jerk who pushes naive young women around and constantly has male PMS and chronic bitchface? And I notice that everytime he hears of new details about the Kira case, he acts strangely and gets a certain look in his eyes. I get nothing but bad vibes from him! Why don't you get them?"

Misa sighs. "I'll explain later, okay? At the event. But right now...just know that I've made my choice. I've decided that...I like the way Haru treats me-"

"Yay! That's great," I interrupt her.

"But," she continues.

My happy expression falls. "But what?" I ask, expecting the worst-that she had chosen Light.

"But, we have to talk about a few things," she finishes with a smile.

I smile and hug her. "I'm so so so happy you chose Haru. Have you told him yet?"

"No...he flipped out and you walked in before I could get it out."

I nod, understanding. "Ah...if I see him, I'll let him know you wanna talk," I say, turning to leave. How did I start getting involved in Misa's love life? I could tell she wasn't exactly pleased with my constant meddling. 'I'll let her handle it herself from now on,' I told myself, taking the elevator to the ground floor again. 'Why is this building so tall?' I ask myself. Why did 6 people-now 10-need a slim, six-story building as a residence? I supposed it was because it was actually the 'task-force' building and was meant to be used as a workplace. As the elevator reached the ground floor, I was shaken from my thoughts. I trudged into the living room and saw Haru. "Hey, go talk to Misa," I say to him.

He remained on the couch next to Matt and Mello. "Why?" He asked, his eyes fixed on the TV. They were playing the new Call of Duty game.

"Because, she has something to tell you," I explain. He didn't answer this time, so intent on playing and beating the game. All of them. "Mello, Matt, will you please pause the game for a second?" No reply. Not even a glance from either of the two. I growl quietly, my vectors coming out and flying to the Xbox, turning it off.

They all groaned and their gazes snapped to me. "Aurora! What the hell?!" Haru asks.

"I said, Misa wants to talk to you."

Haru groans and stands up, putting the controller down. "Fine. I'll be right back, guys," he says, walking away.

Matt turns to me. "Uh hey Aurora. How have you been?"

"Eh okay. How about you?" I ask, distractedly, ready to go finalize the time for the sharing of the strawberry shortcake.

"The usual. But, hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go-"

I stop him. "I would love to, Matt, but I have to do something really important. I'll talk to you later, okay?" I say, flashing a pleasant smile and hurrying off. I felt bad for cutting him off but I had a general feeling as to what he was going to say. I hurried off to find L and when I did, he was on a laptop, presumably working on the Kira case. "Hello, L."

L closes the laptop and watches me. "Greetings, Aurora. Have you decided on a time yet?"

I smile. "No, but I'm free all night so whenever is good for you."

L nods. "Alright, well let's start now," he says."

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