Chapter 12: A Stolen Kiss

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"So he tried to make a move on you, and you rip his arm off...hmmm...interesting." L took another bite of his banana split and stared at me.

"I don't know what 'making a move on me' means, but he touched me, and I didn't appreciate it. I...I just lost my temper I guess."

L nodded. "Yes indeed. If you do something like this again, I will put you in your room again. But since you hurt some randomman, you're restricted from leaving the house."

"But L-" I started.

"No buts. It's official. You're not allowed to leave the house until further notice. I will inform everyone about this."

I sighed and turned to Matt. "I'm really sorry. I ruined our date..." I said, feeling horrible.

Matt smiles. "It's okay. Don't worry about it. Do you wanna try again? Maybe have dinner tomorrow with me?"

I smiled back happily. "Sure, I'd like that."

"Well...uh...I guess I'll see you tomorrow? It's getting late so...yeah. Good night, Aurora."

I nodded. I hesitantly step forward and put my arms around his neck, hugging him. "Good night. Again, I'm sorry I ruined the date."

"N-no problem. We'll make up for it tomorrow," Matt stuttered, putting his arms around my waist.

After a few minutes, I finally pulled away and smiled at him. "So...Matt. Are you seriously going to bed?" I asked.

Matt froze then slowly shakes his head. "Nah, I just thought you might need your sleep. You know, because it's been a long day."

"Well...I'm not really tired, so...could we play Bioshock?" I asked, hoping he said yes.

"Yeah, sure! If you're not tired then...yeah! Sounds fun!" Matt said.

I mentally cheered and followed him to his room. Matt turned on the Xbox 360 and put in Bioshock 2. He handed me the controller and smiled charmingly. "You can play first."

I smile and take the controller. "Thank you, Matt." I load my game and switch my weapon to my drill. Walking around with my Little Sister on my back, I finally find the corpse with ADAM in it, and I set my Little Sister down, fighting off all of the attacking Splicers.

I played for about an hour before I decided to give Matt his turn. I saved and handed him the controller. "Here you go, Matt. Your turn," I said.

Matt grinned. "Okay," he said, grabbing the controller and beginning to play. I watched him in awe as he killed bunches of Splicers unscathed.

"How are you so good?! I have to use like 3 first aid kits each time my Little Sister gathers ADAM!" I whined.

Matt chuckled. "I am a professional. Games come naturally to me."

I giggle, "I guess I should come here and practice more often."

"Maybe you should," Matt says softly. He slowly leans forward and cups my cheek, his lips inches away from mine. I slowly close my eyes, meeting him halfway, our lips meeting. I blushed slowly as we both gradually pulled away. Both of us were blushing wildly.

Matt cleared his throat nervously. "So..."

I smiled, kissing his cheek. "You stole my first kiss. You naughty, naughty boy," I giggled.

Matt chuckled. "Yeah, um...sorry."

"Don't apologize. It was perfect," I stated, blushing. And truthfully, it was perfect. In fact, I wished he would kiss me again. But instead I watched him play for a few more hours before returning to my room and going to sleep.

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