Chapter 6: Confinement

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When I had finally awoken, it was dark. I looked around but couldn't see much. I could see that Matt wasn't in the room, though. I rubbed my head, having a monster headache. I slowly sat up in Matt's bed and stood up, getting dizzy and falling over onto the carpet. "Ouch..." I groaned, standing up and steadying myself by grabbing onto his bedframe. I made my way to the door and opened it, squinting my eyes at the bright light that made my head hurt worse.

"You're awake?"

I turned to my right and see Matt standing there, holding a bag of chips in his hand.

I nod. "Yeah, but my head hurts. Bad," I say simply.

He laughs. "Yeah, that's what too much beer will do to you." He puts a comforting hand on my shoulder and smiles. "Don't worry. It'll get better."

I nod. "I'm not drinking beer ever again," I groan, letting out an annoyed sigh.

Matt chuckles. "Well, if you drink in moderation you won't get drunk, and if you don't get drunk, you don't have hangovers."

I nod, understanding. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Matt scratches the back of his neck in a nervous manner. "Um...Aurora?"

I raise an eyebrow. "What?"

"It seems...ahem...L wants to speak to you. Apparently it's 'important'," he says, "Try not to fall asleep though. He can be quite boring at times."

"I just woke up. Why would I fall asleep?"

"Well don't say I didn't warn you," he says.

I sigh and walk to the elevator, pressing the down button and soon arriving at L's floor. I walk out of the elevator and see L sitting on a chair facing the elevator. 'Hmm...creepy...' I think to myself as I watch his eyes follow me as I sit on the couch by his chair. It was totally quiet as we stared at each other.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, I broke it. "So a little bird told me you wanted to see me?" I say in a monotone.

"Yes, indeed," he said, "I just wanted to talk about a person I'm quite certain you have heard about."

"Well continue," I say, "Although I'm pretty doubtful that I've heard about this person."

"His Kira."

I frown. "Who's Kira?" I ask, truly not knowing who it was.

"Hmmm, not being very cooperative, are you? New question. How did you kill over 20 people at the DRI?" he interrogates.

I frown. "Do you know what the DRI is?" I ask.

L seems to ponder this and snacks on a Nutty bar. "Now that you mention it, I don't. Would you care to explain it to me?"

I shake my head. "It's dangerous information."

He sighs. "Why is it 'dangerous information'?"

I don't say a word and look at the floor, careful not to look into his eyes.

"No information to give me on this subject either, hmm? What about this? Why are you still alive?"

I frown, looking up and glaring at the man in front of me. "What are you talking about? Should I not be alive or something?"

"It's a complicated matter, but no, you shouldn't," he says.

I start to lose control, my vectors coming out in my blind fury. I take a deep breath to calm down and I stare at him. "Well, I am. So...just accept it, i guess. That's all I know to tell you. It seems to me like you know more about this subject than I do anyways," I say simply. I stand up from the couch and begin walking to the elevator.

"Aurora, stop right there."

I stop, narrowing my eyes as I turn back to him. "What is it now?" I ask coldly.

"Since you are being uncooperative, you will stay in your room until you deem it 'undangerous' to tell me the information you hesitate to share with me."

I huff and turn on my heels, stomping to my room. After slamming the door forcefully with my vectors, I sit on my bed and hug my knees to my chest. 'Why was I even listening to this guy? I could just tear him in half. It would be as easy as ripping a stick in half. I mean, he was thinner than most women I've seen. I guess that's not saying much because I haven't seen many women at the DRI. But still...' I think to myself. I angrily use a vector to smash a vase into tiny shards.

"Matt, L needs your help," says Mello, chomping on a Hershey's chocolate bar.

Matt groans and looks up into his friend's blue eyes. "What exactly does he want?"

"He told me to hand you these instructions." Mello handed Matt a small packet of papers.

Matt looks through the papers carefully and sighs exasperatedly. "Fine, I'll get on it," he says. Matt walks to his computer room and opens the door. Inside the room, there were tons of computer monitors and lots of twisted, tangled wires and cords. Matt sat down in his computer chair and began his task: hacking into the DRI's database.

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