Prologue: Look After Your Daddy

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- Mayday Parade // Terrible Things
- Taylor Swift // The Best Day
- Taylor Swift // Never Grow Up]

It was supposed to be the best birthday ever.

Daddy had planned our trip to Disneyland so thoroughly; claiming that his little princess would only turn ten once as he persistently ignored Mommy's feigned sighs.

He poked his tongue out at her, sneering because she had to work and couldn't join us on our magical trip. I wrapped my arms around Daddy, giggling hysterically whilst my parents were engrossed in their art of bickering constantly - always a pleasure to watch.

That night, I didn't catch a wink a sleep. I lay awake, tossing and turning with excitement, staring at my personalised Disney princess calendar as I prepped myself to cross out the final date: my birthday.

I woke up at five in the morning, quickly wolfing down a plateful of pancakes with my parents before washing it down with my all time favourite hot chocolate. Once I was ready, I waited in the hallway with Mommy whilst we waited for Daddy to bring our suitcase downstairs. Opening the front door, I let a pale, peach glow spill into the hallway before shielding my eyes from the rising sun.

"Hurry up Daddy! I want to meet Mickey Mouse and Cinderella!"

A deep rumbling laughter filled the hallway as Daddy tossed our suitcase down, earning a brisk yell from Mommy when it crashed to a halt at the foot of the stairs. He sloped down the stairs with the clanging tune of his rattling car keys.

"Easy there tiger!" He ruffled my chestnut curls as he squeezed past me onto the porch.

Peeking up at Mommy, I grinned at her dazed smile as her eyes followed Daddy to his car. She beamed at him with an all too familiar affectionate, loving and grateful smile that they often exchanged - that was the last time I ever saw Mom smile the same carefree grin she only let slip around Daddy. It was a special smile that only he could induce.

I tugged the hem of her nightdress, trying my hardest to get her attention.

"Yes honey?" She reluctantly tore her gleaming, pale blue eyes from her husband and gazed down at me.

As she crouched down, I pecked her cheek before letting her arms engulf me into a bear hug.

"Enjoy your weekend and look after your daddy. Sometimes he forgets that he's a grown man."

"I heard that! Ashley-bear tell your Mommy to stop being a meanie!"

Glancing at the towering man's approaching face, I let out a soft giggle when he flashed Mommy a mocking frown. A breeze softer than a feather's kiss made Daddy's shirt ripple as his chestnut curls shifted upon his forehead. The sunlight was directly behind him, highlighting each lock with a blinding light that made me shield my eyes.

"We're not kids anymore Jeremy."

Mommy received a mischievous grin in response to that.

"No, no, Jeremy stay away from me!" She squealed as Daddy dug his fingers into her side, his chest rumbling with a deep laughter whilst he buried his face into her pale blonde hair.

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