Chapter 12 - Attack

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“Oh my god” I breathed, my mouth near touching the ground as I leaned against the back of the front door.

“This is insane!” Whitney agreed as she paced in front of me.

“Who would do such a thing?” I whispered as my eyes watched Whitney pacing.

“I mean, I know a lot of people that hate her, but this is serious, her dad will be out for blood” Whitney added

“Jake” I murmured causing Whitney to stop in her tracks

“What?” She turned to me, her eyes intent on my face

“Jake” I repeated as my eyes met hers “He told Catherine the Woods were dangerous when she invited him, that it was trespassing”

“What are you suggesting?” Whitney narrowed her eyes on me

“I don’t know if he would be capable of doing it, but I have a fair idea he would know who would, he knows more, he knew something bad was going to happen” I persisted as I walked towards the kitchen swooped up my keys and shoved them towards Whitney.

“What are you doing?” She asked me stumped

“We’re going to ask him what he knows, you’re driving” I told her.


“Now, I need to clear my name, you and I both know the way that officer looked at me”

“They have no proof you did anything and as soon as Catherine wakes up she’ll be able to tell them it wasn’t you” Whitney argued.

“If she wakes up Whitney, if”

She seemed to hesitate and watch my hand shake with the keys inside.

“You know he knows something” I persisted harder as I kept my eyes trained on her.

She slowly nodded and rolled her eyes before snatching the keys from my hand.

“Thank you” I smiled as we left the house into the darkness of night.

As Whitney drove towards Redwood Woods where we assumed Jake or his 'father' to be, my palms sweat and my heart raced erratically inside my chest. I hadn’t spoken to Jake in five weeks, I had done my best to ignore him, pretend he didn’t exist, and now I needed to force myself to do everything I had been forcing myself not to do. I was worried, worried because I was about to be proven wrong, acknowledge Jake to be dangerous.

“We can turn around and go back home” Whitney told me as we pulled into the woods as eerie crickets chirped around us through the darkness to create more of a terrifying atmosphere.

“No, I have to know” I mumbled as I came see the lights inside the sketchy cabin alight.

“Want me to come?” Whitney tried again as her eyes told me she was going nowhere near the cabin.

“No, it’s fine” I nodded with a brave smile as I placed my hand on the door handle.

“Be careful Haven” She told me as she took a deep breath and smiled back at me.

“I will” I sighed as I stepped out into the cold air, the smell of wet trees and grass enveloping me as I threw my hoodie over my head.

I hobbled towards the cabin, each step taking a crunch beneath my feet as I gained distance between myself and the terrifying truth that crumbled inside my stomach. I shoved my hands into my jacket pockets and kept my eyes scanning the area around me just in case Hudson or a chainsaw massacre maniac appeared. With each leaf beneath my steps, I cringed, my heart screamed at me to turn and run, yet my brain demanded to know what on earth was going on and what had happened to Catherine. Sure, I hated the girl, but the fact she was attacked and nearly killed made me angry, this person had no right to touch her, this person may not have even been a person, this person may have been someone I had allowed into my house, into my life and that made me furious.

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