Chapter 20 - Mackay & Dean

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I darted straight to my temporary room, slamming the door behind myself. How dare he entice me knowing I had no control over my body and how it reacted when he was so close, and then shoot a question as such towards me? The man had no right and it only made the fight to hate him more eager.

As always, it wasn’t long until someone began to knock on the door. Privacy was something I was beginning to think of being a thing of the past, before Jake and Hudson had entered my life.

I tried to contain my anger.

“Haven, may I come in?” I heard Imelda’s sweet slow voice

I stood from the edge of the bed and opened the door to reveal Imelda, dressed in a beautiful white summer dress with her hair wavy and let down.

“You look pretty” I told her, my thoughts speaking aloud.

“Thank you” She smiled as she narrowed her eyes on me


“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine” I quickly told her

“What did he do now?” She sighed, seeing past the lie

I rolled my eyes, the anger bubbling unnecessarily “He needs to learn to mind his own business”

“It depends on what way”

Suddenly I began to get frustrated with her, was she defending him?

“My past boyfriend slash interests, are none of his business” I emphasized more thoroughly.

“Ah, of course” She smiled, rolling her own eyes as she moved towards the hallway signalling me to follow.

“Aldrek was the same way” She began as we walked into the empty living room and sat on the lounge.

“He told me about how you guys met” I admitted

“Scary?” She asked, not surprised

“A little” I shrugged

“What scares you the most?” She quizzed watching me carefully

“A lot of things” I slowly said, thinking deeply

Imelda watched me, almost urging me to let my thoughts out.

“I’m worried about what’s going to happen with my dad when he gets home” I started

“That has already been taken care of” Imelda nodded confidently

“How?” I pushed surprised

“The boys went back and cleaned the house up replacing what they could. As for you not being there, we’ve decided that we will take that when it comes in a few weeks, hopefully it’ll be all passed by then”

“Do you think it will be over before then?”

“I can’t say” She mused

A silence settled in as we both seemed to think

“What else scares you?” Imelda continued

I looked down at my hands in my lap, fiddling.

“How does Jake have so much power over me?” I shot, forcing myself to ask the question

Imelda smirked and her eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Besides from the well-defined, seemingly impossible good looks you mean?”

“That can’t be the only reason I crumble under him” I shook my head

“No, for most girls, yes, but it’s different for us”

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