Chapter 26 - Wind

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Before we could allow ourselves to delve deeper into our new found connection, I forced myself away from the situation. Now was not the time, nor the place. Heavy air settled around us as silence sat motionless and I felt the need to quickly depart from the room and his mere suffocating presence – in a good way.

“I should get some sleep” Was all I said as I stared at the ground.

“Okay” A mumble came from his direction before I took that moment to flee down the hallway allowing fresh air into my lungs.

I peeked into each room, searching for my own bag on the bed. I passed two until I found my own - a small sterile white room with an oversized bed in the middle.

I gave a sigh and closed the door behind myself, sitting on the edge of the bed where I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I had just kissed Jake, well, mauled him rather roughly. He had kissed me back and we had laughed. This was not normal, not for me, not for him, definitely not for us. I smiled, despite knowing just how strange and quickly the futile relationship had turned.

My eyes shot open the moment I heard my door begin to open, my heart beat rapidly inside my chest as it creaked open and in peered a face. My heart resumed it's slow pace when a smug looking Julian smirked and slithered his way in, leaning against the back of the closed door with a bright grin.

“What are you doing?” I sighed

“Just checking to see you’re okay” He continued to smile as he watched me

“I’m fine”

“Are you sure, cause that out there, I mean-”

“Go away Julian” I cut him off, knowing exactly where this little game was heading.

“It’s just strange how you can be yelling at each other one minute and the moment I leave, you’re practically on top of him” He wagged his eyebrows suggestively.

“I wasn’t on top of him” I shot as I stood and pulled my bag off the bed.

“Mhm” Julian simply mumbled as I turned my head to give him a glare.

“Is there something you want Julian, or can I go to sleep now?” I sighed as I pulled the covers down off the bed.

“Just checking you weren’t drowning in your own drool, that’s all” He held his hands up in defeat as he turned and pulled the door open.

I took that sentence as a go ahead to throw a pillow at his head where he jumped at my sudden attack.

“Be careful Haven, I’ll be the groomsman one day, I can sing at the wedding too if you’re not careful” He warned with a glare and pointed finger, the hint of a smirk still lingered on his features.

“Get out” I rolled my eyes at him, holding another pillow like a waiting missile.

“As you wish lovebird” He shot before closing the door just in time for the pillow I had been holding to miss his head and hit the back of the door.

Once I scrambled into bed, my mind still raced. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep with the intense conference going on inside of my brain. There were a million and one questions that needed to be answered, but that one at the end couldn’t escape my constant thoughts. What was going on between Jake and I? I knew there were feelings there, but was I supposed to act on them straight away in the midst of what was going on? I knew my mother had approved of him and I knew that meant I could trust him, but why was there another part of me telling me to just let it sit for a while? Because of the Elders and their predictions, I felt I almost needed to prove them wrong, the idea of them being able to tell my future, control who I was to be with, made me angry. I was supposed to be in control of my own life, my own future and who I would be with, not them. I was bitter, stubborn, I also knew that. If I agreed to become a part of Jake’s life in that sense of intimacy, what troubles would I run into apart from this exact moment? Would it be ongoing? What if Jake got angry at me, and did what had happened to Imelda, to me? I could die at any point of being around the risks I knew existed now. But then again, I could die at any moment without being around these people; the chances were just, lower. I could have ended up with Kai, and I'd probably be dead already, or worse. Each danger aspect of what I now knew as Wolves and Witches dawned on me. With each realization as to what I had stepped into, raised more questions. But my brain was already willing to answer one for itself. It didn’t matter where I was, or who I was with, this wasn’t going away, the danger wasn’t going away. Even once this was sorted, a new kind of danger would represent itself. Either it be Kai in returning to school, Whitney and her Egyptian warnings, and the fact I knew a Wolf was in love with me, and the fact I knew Wolves and Witches existed endangered me regardless. It seemed all-round, I was doomed.

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