Chapter 14 - Cousins

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Jake was right, and so was Hudson when he had told me that Jake’s elders had chosen me to be his other half. My future soul mate was a wolf and despite my hatred towards him, my denial, I couldn’t rid the feeling of want and need to be with him, around him. The night he had walked me home from Tom’s party, I felt safe and he was sure determined to keep me from trouble. The day at the waterfall with Kai, he had intervened before who knows what would have happened to me. I recounted numerous moments in which he had stepped in front of danger for me, stepped in front of what could have been my end. Maybe it was time for me to face the truth, Jake was right, everything he had spoken towards me, was right and as much as I had tried to ignore it, everything he had done for me was in defence for my life. The realization made me instantly uncomfortable, the man beside me was in love with me, despite any reason, elder’s words or not, I owed him.

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably and closed my eyes again leaning my head back. I tried to erase my mind, ignore every single thought possible; I pictured a blank canvas, nothing but empty white colour as if it were possible for someone to read my mind. My head was now aching and I could feel my eyes hanging from my head. Thankfully, it worked, and thinking of absolutely nothing, eased the tension boiling inside my temples.

I could feel myself growing weak, drowsy and I knew instantly sleep was pulling me away from reality, I was exhausted and I couldn’t fight it anymore. I would surely be safe, at least for enough time to allow a power nap to creep in, so I allowed it entry, and soon enough blackness overtook me.

“Where are you Haven?” A voice intervened smooth and calming as blackness continued to envelope me.

“Who is that?” I mumbled as I attempted to blink through the darkness at the culprit.

“I can’t find you Haven, where are you?” The man spoke again, the voice extremely familiar.

“I can’t see you” I called back as I walked towards the sound of slow breathing.

“I’m right here” The voice calmly spoke back closer towards me.

I blinked again, narrowing my eyes into the darkness as my heart sped up in anticipation of where I was and who I was near. It was then I noticed a pair of emerald green eyes ahead of me, bright and narrow as my curiosity grew louder.

“Who are you?” I repeated as I reached my arms outwards.

“It’s me, Hudson” The voice spoke before a snarl erupted around me, the eyes disappearing as a swoosh of wind blew past my face causing me to step backwards in fear.

“What are you doing Hudson, where am I?” I now panicked.

“What’s the matter Haven?” He bellowed, echoing around me as if spoken into a megaphone.

“You’re trying to kill me” I trembled as I continued to step backwards.

“Killing you would be much too easy” The voice started again, my eyes darting around in search of Hudson.

“I want you to suffer, the more you suffer, the more Jake suffers” Hudson snarled with a laugh.

“Just leave me alone!” I screamed as I spun around in circles, scared for my life.

Suddenly, it went quiet, not a sound was heard as I stopped moving and stood perfectly still, the feeling of being alone slowly creeping to my hopes.

But I was quick to freeze, my body seizing on itself when a rush of cold air brushed along my left cheekbone someone’s breathing clearly right beside my ear. I clutched my own body, my eyes squeezing shut as I waited to die.

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