Chapter 35 - Bloodshed

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Markus’ grip slowly released on my arm, his eyes intent on the prize as he stared ahead at Catarina, alive and well, rough and rugged, but alive.

“She’s alive…” I muttered making my first and last mistake as I waited for Hudson to pick up on it.

“You knew about Catarina did you?” Hudson shortly piped up as he stopped in front of me, Markus now moving himself completely from my side as he rushed towards a terrified Catarina.

“Please, don’t” She spoke, he black hair sticking to her face with sticky blood.

“You’re safe now” Markus spoke towards her attempting to ease her mind on the situation.

“No!” Catarina shook her head unsure as she wept, the man’s release on her arm pushing her roughly towards Markus as she collapsed into his arms.

“I’m here to help you, I’m here to give you your life back” Markus softly spoke to her holding her up as he stroked the back of her head.

I was astounded she was still alive, but why?

My eyes suddenly turned back on Hudson who watched me intently.

“I have my own little tricks Haven. I knew how this would play out, and ta-da! I win!” Hudson spoke excitedly.

“How?” I mumbled as my position froze.

“My cousin, he can kind of tell the future” Hudson proudly revealed.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but he’s way off” My voice suddenly changed along with the rest of my attitude. My back straightened up as I saw Markus rush Catarina from the scene determined to keep her from any further harm.

My eyes became narrow on Hudson, my fear non-existent as I watched him carefully. His threats were scary, but I knew there was no chance of him getting a handle on me and the look on Hudson’s face quickly changed dramatically as I listened to a growl erupt behind me. I knew instantly it was Saxon in his wolf form.

Hudson’s expression told me he hadn’t been expecting it, but he was quick to cover it up with and uninterested gaze.

“You think I didn’t bring my own decipals?” Hudson raised an eyebrow

“I don’t doubt that” I shot back.

“You think because you’re friends with a wolf pack now that makes you strong?” Hudson shot amused as gradually three wolves appeared from behind the trees where Baxter stood their eyes gleaming red.

“No. Knowing just how pathetic and weak you really are makes me strong” I remarked with a slight smile, the battle beginning as I listened to another set of paws appear from behind me.

Hudson jerked his head sideways taking in the growing numbers as more wolves appeared from behind him as well.

“Game on” Hudson smiled back at me as he took a step back gracefully.

It was then at least a dozen wolves appeared from behind Hudson, eyes intent on me and the growing numbers behind me. I wasn’t afraid, I knew I was safe, I was however worried for the others, someone would get hurt, I didn’t doubt that.

I took a step back bring me side to side with who I assumed to be Saxon coated in a deep grey ash colour coat to my left, to my right was Aldrek, black and deathly eager to eat at Hudson’s army which continued to grow. For the next ten seconds, Hudson’s army appeared by the dozens as well as my own as Blaine’s crew slowly appeared, their faces roaring out beside me as they created a line and snarled towards their enemies, the numbers seemed to even out, but the power was no doubly in my favour. I was quick to take in Julian two spots down from Aldrek, his coat shining back golden orange through the full moon’s lifting light above.

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