Chapter 31 - Fixed

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Somehow, Blaine had found out about our little confrontation down the road and all through a blur I remember being ushered away from Jake as a crowd of men helped Jake up and carried him back towards the house. I couldn’t argue, I couldn’t speak, I was in shock, pure shock.

It was about an hour later I found myself sitting on a red couch in the middle of Blaine’s upstairs living room, a man I'd come to know as Jax sitting beside me with a damp cold cloth over my forehead. My mind was beginning to clear as I allowed my brain to cope with what had just happened. I hadn’t seen or heard from Jake or Julian since the episode and now I was starting to fully worry about Jake’s injuries.

I opened my eyes as my head lay leaned back on the couch and I allowed myself to stare at the white ceiling for a few seconds before lifting my head. My eyes were clear and I could make out Jax beside me watching me with curiosity filled blue eyes.

“Where’s Jake?” I mumbled as Jax retracted the cloth.

“He’s with Blaine and Julian” Jax’s tough voice replied as I took in his crooked nose and full lips.

“Is he okay?” I grumbled again as I leaned forward making a ready to stand.

“That depends” A new voice from behind where I was sitting spoke. I turned my head and recognized the figure and voice instantly. My feet magically found their footing as I stood and walked abruptly towards Julian leaning on the doorframe.

“Depends on what?” I shot


“Me?” I repeated, confused

“Come with me” Julian smirked as he turned and began down a familiar hallway lit with candles.

I was hesitant before rushing to his side.

“Tara took off pretty quick after us, so there was no way for her to help us out” Julian spoke easily, putting my mind to ease with how serious Jake’s condition would be.

“Help with what?” I shot again, creasing my eyebrows.

Julian simply sighed as he stopped at a room opposite Blaine’s study.

“Your boyfriend of course” Julian smiled with a wink before he pushed the slightly ajar door open to reveal a small, yet spacious bedroom. I was far less interested in the appearance of the neatly decorated room when my eyes caught sight of Jake lying on top of a dark blue bed sheet stained with small droplets of his blood. He had his head propped up on numerous pillows as his head turned towards me.

Like magnets, our eyes connected and he drew me in towards him. His face was paler than usual, his eyes dark and hanging with dark circles and a drawn in expression. He looked exhausted.

“Are you okay?” I demanded as I stood beside him, my eyes raking over his exposed torso.

“I’ll live” He shrugged shortly followed by a wince.

“That wolf, Lawrence, he took a good chunk out of him actually” Julian interjected as he stood beside me.

“Where?” My eyes searched.

“Sit up” Julian instructed his brother who rolled his eyes

“I’m fine” Jake argued

“Don’t even give us that tough guy” Julian rolled his own eyes back as he gently pulled on Jake’s shoulder.

Slowly, Jake pushed himself up leaning forward so his back was exposed. Instantly, I noticed a bandage covered in blood stuck to his back shoulder blade. I glanced at Jake’s face with crossed brows and concern before moving my hands towards the messy tape. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped once I peeled the veil back to reveal the extreme damage. It literally looked as though someone had stuck a shovel into his back and dug out a chunk of skin. His insides were bare and seeping, clearly there was some fatal end in Jake’s near future with the hole the way it was open.

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