Chapter 9 - Fate

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“What’s the problem?” I rolled my eyes as he stopped mid stride in the middle of Quinton, a quiet run down street.

“Stop” He lowly grumbled as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me beside him. I was about to rip myself from his grip and continue forward when a looming figure appeared in front of us on the sidewalk. As he neared, the dreary, sunken familiar face of Kai stepped out in front of us, his hands in his front pockets as he smugly noticed us.

“I’ve been looking for you” He smiled as Jake almost growled in his direction.

I watched him walk towards us with unbalanced feet and an expression I couldn’t quite place.

“What’s wrong with him?” I mumbled more to myself.

“He’s been drinking” Jake spoke, hearing my words as I kept my eyes firmly on Kai growing closer. The idea of him drinking himself to this stage horrifed me to the bone.

“I suggest you go home Kai” Jake called a warning as he now inched towards us.

“I suggest you go home, Haven and I have some unfinished business to attend to” He sneered as he leered towards me with raised eyebrows.

Jake moved his hand from my wrist to my waist, his fingers pulling at me so I was half behind him.

“Not when you are so far from sobriety” Jake shook his head as Kai now stood in front of him.
The smell of whiskey was wafting off of him as his eyes briskly passed mine.

“I thought you were so much better than this Haven” He sighed as he rubbed his temples.

“Better than what?” I sneered

“Playing one of his programmed blond robots” He snickered with a laugh.

“Do I look blond to you?” I shot back as he watched me with intense blood-shot eyes.

“With this brute standing in front of you like a pitbull, yes” He smiled

“Go home, sober up and then we can talk” I told him, abiding by Jake’s suggestion.

“Tell me Jake” Kai started as he moved his strong gaze towards him this time, his hands on his hips “What do you have that I don’t? How does someone like you bag someone like that” He cocked one eyebrow as Jake’s jaw clenched

“Go home Mordecai” Jake warned again as he tried to steer me past Kai.

Kai was idiotically determined to cause a fight, a fight we all knew he was going to lose. Jake was about two heads taller than him, and the muscle on his arm was probably as big as Kai’s confidence.

I kept my head down, avoiding Kai's gaze. It not only hurt me that I had lost Kai, but it now hurt me to know that I was probably the cause of his drunken episode. He had been so set against alcohol, and now here he was, out of his mind, attacking me with his words.
I could feel his eyes burning on my face, urging my guilt to cause reaction.

“How do you cope?" He began as he stepped in front of Jake again, his eyes on me.
"How do you cope being someone that couldn't help her bleeding mother? And then there's your sister...” Kai continued as I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart dropping into my throat. My hands squeezed hard, my nails digging into my palms. My gaze lifted, and I could see the look of pride on Kai’s face at the string he’d happily plucked from my deepest darkest memories.

“Don’t you dare” I spoke through gritted teeth angrily.

“Has she told you about them yet?” He continued towards Jake overly pleased

“Shut up” I spat

“Her mother couldn’t stand the sight of her sister” He started as my anger built up to boiling point “Having a child the product of rape is never easy” He shook his head as I stormed forward

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