Chapter 5 - Hudson

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I found the same towel I'd used before and set it in front of the unlit fireplace, the white wolf - I'd originally named Rover - sat neatly down, crossing his large paws as he relaxed in my home’s comfort. I set myself down on the lounge and my eyes began to droop, like before, only without the influence of alcohol. I was exhausted, not to mention still drunk as I watched the wolf lie quietly down.
This thing wasn’t going to hurt me; he was only using me for the comfort of my home. If this was the only company I could get without being tempted into having some kind of intimate relationship with, then that's what I'd take.

Before I let my body take over, I took one last glance towards Rover who now had his head up, his eyes watching me carefully as I settled into sleep, letting it overtake me willingly.


Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up as willingly as I fell asleep, my empty stomach and my hangover decided it would double over on itself and attempt to throw up whatever was left inside of me, to no avail. I was dry reaching and when I was done, and stood, my head began to pound. My lack of partying had in fact given me a disadvantage. I was sure despite Melissa’s and Ruby’s drinking they’d be fine, they’d be heading to school right now as I dragged my feet back to the lounge where I collapsed and felt my eyes bulge from my skull. My limbs hung from the lounge as the empty towel in front of my fireplace caught my eye. I sat up on my elbows and cringed at the pain shooting through my head as I realized, like expected, Rover my white wolf friend was gone. I sighed almost disappointed before collecting my cell phone and dialling Kai’s number. I barely remembered what had happened last night, but I had small visions of what had happened between me and him, also what had happened between Jake and I.

“Morning” He answered after the first ring.

“Morning” I groaned.
I could hear him stiffling a laugh just at the mere sound of my state

“Are you laughing at me?” I asked, holding back a smile

“You aren’t coming to school today are you?” He assumed.

“Why is that funny?”

“I knew it was going to happen that’s all”

“I bet you tried to tell me numerous times last night” I scoffed as I rubbed my temples

“Yeah I tried, but you were a nasty piece of work” I picture him scrunching his nose up, shuttering

“I’m sorry" I groaned

“I believe you, I’m just glad you got home okay, I mean, you did get home safe didn’t you?”

“Obviously” I rolled my eyes.

“You went straight to sleep?”

“What else?” I questioned.

“Just making sure you didn’t do anything stupid” He sighed.

“As in what Kai?” I urged, knowing well what he was insinuating.

“You did go home pretty wasted with Jake, the one guy at school girls can’t seem to keep away from Haven” He explained casually

“Don’t even go there Kai, you know I wouldn’t have done anything like that”

“Good, just looking out for you, you know that”

“I know”

“Well, I’m heading off now, you get some rest, have a big breakfast and I’ll message you on break”

“Okay, I will” I promised before he hung up and I collapsed back down onto the couch.

It was about seven in the morning, and despite my uninterrupted sleep, I felt I needed more, way more. I once again ignored the growling inside my empty stomach and closed my eyes. It wasn’t long until I dozed off in the wonderful silence and coolness of the living room.

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