Chapter 2 - Dangerous

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“Yes, take a seat” Mr. Warner shot agitated as he held a hand out towards the class. Jake slowly walked around in search for a safe seat from prowling eyes.

Unfortunately, like a classic cliché, the vacant seat to my left is where he decided would be best. I was ready to detonate, things were far too strange and out of control for my mind to comprehend. The mere presence of him made my skin crawl and my body freeze. Every time he moved, I felt the need to move, every time he glanced even remotely my way, I felt a tickle of voltage run through my skin, and I wasn’t the only one. Whitney beside me was gripping her pen tightly, her dark fingers nearly cracking the plastic as I watched with upheaval. Her eyes were hard and angry on Mr. Warner like she was being stabbed under the table with pins and needles. Her body was rigid like mine and every time Jake moved, her eyes would spring towards him. I wasn’t sure what her problem was, but I got the feeling it was similar to mine, or maybe it was because of her merciless Egyptian background, her parents were strict when it came to boys, and every time she stepped near one or took an interest in one, she felt the need to run, but this, this was different, worse.

When it came time to copy down notes from Mr. Warner, I found it near impossible to form even a simple sentence while his fresh cologne hung around my head like a dark cloud.

“Are you okay?” His soft humble voice asked as my head tilted in his direction instinctively.

“Yes, why?” I managed out as small chatter around the classroom coated our conversation.

“You seem rigid” He instantly suspected as though he were proud of the reaction he was producing from me

“No” I quickly shot defensively to my disadvantage. I slowly dared to look up at his face, his eyes finding mine the moment my head turned, easily, the images of my dreams came rushing back, only this time, with a clear realistic face. His.
He was even more attractive up close, just as the girls had described. His hair was light brown, almost ash blond as it sat untouched and tousled upon his head, strangely that wasn’t what made my breathing halt, nor the carved perfection of his smooth face and jawline, but the deep coal colour of his eyes, empty and soulless. It was somewhat frightening and it made my breathing hitch for a second.

“What’s the matter?” He continued, his voice pulling my brain from his entrancing features.

“Nothing” I faltered, looking down at my notes as I attempted to concentrate away from him

“You aren’t a good liar” He shook his head as he looked back down at his books, his emotions seemingly pleased at my lack of secrecy.

Carefully through peripheral vision, I noticed the bare muscle along his arms, completely shaped like a Michelangelo statue, the kind people were lucky to touch once it had been complete with its perfection.
His plain black tee was working hard against his toned skin as black ink caught my eye peeking out ever so slightly under his t-shirt’s shoulder. I found myself trying hard to identify the small scrawling’s despite it being nearly completely hidden, but my effort didn't go  unnoticed when a quick hand began to pull at the fabric hiding the ink from any sight. I'd been caught and I suddenly looked up like a puppy would after destroying his owner’s shoes.
His eyebrows were raised as he stared at me with a mix of curiosity and arrogance.

“Sorry” I mumbled, feeling my cheeks flush before I turned away to bow my head down completely avoiding his sight. I raised my hand up against my cheek to hide my face, my hair falling to give me as much of a curtain as possible.

For the rest of the lesson, that’s the way I remained, I didn’t move, I didn’t so much as flinch, but Whitney on the other hand, stayed firm and on edge the entire time as I caught her glaring in Jake’s direction numerous times.

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