Chapter 29 - Plan

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Jake took a hold of my hand, reassuring me in the slightest as he pulled me towards the crowd which had intensified into at least a hundred chattering voices. I held on tight as I was pulled through the noise, I was freaking out, scared, nervous, what if she hated me? What if she was going to put a curse on me? She already hated Jake.

I simply stayed silent, pushing back the contents of my stomach threatening to rise as we reached the other side of the floor where I also knew Angelique was standing.

Our pace then grew slow, Jake walking beside me as I caught sight of Julian talking to a woman standing beside him. I quickly took in her appearance while I could. She had long blond straight hair down to her waist tied back in a low ponytail, the edges of baby hair around her face turning grey as her face lightened with her age. She wore light make-up and dark brown lipstick that matched her stand-out burgundy dress, long and appropriate for someone her age.

"Tara" Jake spoke towards her, deep and rough "This is Haven" He added nodding towards me as he began to make circles on my hand with his thumb.

"Nice to meet you" I told her, the action soothing me and giving me the small confidence I needed just to speak.

"Nice to meet you too, it's good to finally put a face to all the talk" She spoke, her voice raspy and exactly what I would have imagined a Witches voice to be like.

I didn't know how to take her words, 'all the talk?'

"You're very pretty" She added as she narrowed her eyes on me, studying me carefully with her intense green gaze.

"Thank you" I mumbled as she searched my face.

"There's something... different about you" She mused, more to herself as she held her hands out for me to take. I was hesitant, but with Jake's thumb creating reassurance, I placed my free hand into hers.

She closed her eyes and I watched her eyebrows twitch. Her expression twisted and turned, almost as if I were a crystal ball she was reading through.

"Hmm" She mumbled as her eyes slowly opened "You are different" Her smile slowly lifted

"Different?" I repeated, unsure

"You've recently discovered what she is, haven't you?" Her question now turned on Jake beside me "I bet that was a shock" She smiled, pleased as Jake shifted uncomfortably.

"Do you know that's what I am?" I asked, grasping at a chance it was wrong.

"I'm certain that's what you are, after all, it's what your father is"

She smiled twisted as she watched me.

I yanked my hand away from hers, my eyes wide as Julian stepped forward from behind her.

"That's not true" I shook my head offended

"No?" Tara mused as she raised her eyebrows "I bet he's a business man, travels a whole lot" She continued

I shook my head, panicked

"That can't be..."

"I take my hat off to him though, he's done a fantastic job clouding your memory" Tara continued as my mouth dropped.

"What?" I trembled

"Curatio's have abilities other than healing, I assume your father to be a gifted clouder" She informed me further

"Is this really necessary?" Jake stepped in, sensing my nervousness

"She has a right to know who she is my dear, doesn't she?" Tara smirked at him, enjoying herself at my expense "But I suppose we came here for a specific reason did we not?" She sighed as her smile dropped, her hands reaching out for mine again

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