Chapter 27 - Curatio

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For the next two hours, Julian, Jake and I sat at the coffee shop, talking, laughing, acting as if nothing was wrong, as if everything was ordinary. It was a beautiful feeling, a wonderful feeling, and I didn’t want it to end. The air was light, splendour; there was no sign of tension, no sign of danger, no sign of anything but normalcy. It made me appreciate what I suddenly had, despite it being under such uncanny circumstances.

Once we were finished, we left back for the hotel. I didn’t want to leave; I didn’t want to return to a cramped room where I knew I'd have to start getting ready for an unpredictable Ball.


The moment I stepped back into the Hotel, my thoughts began to hurtle inside my head again, my nerves began to kick in and I found myself forcing panic attacks away every half hour. I sat on the lounge, then paced, then sat down, then paced, I couldn’t quite sit still, and the boys had noticed it.

“Want a drink?” Julian teased, earning a hard glance from Jake.

I rolled my eyes and stood against the window facing the small town, the sun slowly creeping down towards my fate. I began to fiddle with the ring around my pointer finger as I watched and waited.

“You worry too much. Blaine’s a good guy, plus, he owes me, nothing is going to happen to you” Julian courageously spoke as he moved to stand beside me.

I shrugged “What if he doesn’t like me?”

“He’ll like you as long as I like you” Julian shrugged back casually

“That’s reassuring” I scoffed

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He shot with narrow eyes, offended

“I’m surprised anyone actually really likes you” I slowly said, teasing him as it took my thoughts away from the next few hours.

He raised his eyebrows, clearly unimpressed “Really Haven?”

“Really” I nodded, feeling suddenly worried as his dilated pupils became fixed on me

“You’re dead” He smiled before I felt myself being thrown over his shoulder, my head hanging over him as I kicked my feet and screamed at him to let me down.

“Julian!” I could hear Jake squawk towards his brother, the sound more alarming than necessary as Julian threw me down on the lounge his fingers digging into my stomach as I laughed and wailed all at once.

“Julian stop! Her stitches!” I could hear Jake shout before pushing his brother roughly off of me.

My humour was instantly cut off when I realized

“Oh shit” Julian’s face also turned as I lay stunned and silent

“Are you okay?” Jake narrowed his eyes on me, his expression instantly noticing that something wasn't quite right, his eyes pertaining a mix of curiosity and concern

“I… I’m fine” I stumbled as Jake leaned down beside me on the lounge.

“Are you taking something for the pain?” He questioned as he glanced over my face, clearly bewildered.

I averted my gaze before sitting up. I wasn't sure what to say, what to do, how was I going to explain to him what my body had done to itself without sounding like a complete freak?

I shook my head before standing, moving past Jake to breathe fresh air before I revealed the truth to the pair of them who were watching and waiting with unblinking eyes.

“Something happened to me…” I started as I turned and glanced in between the both of them.

“Something happened to you?” Jake repeated his voice thick and laced with uncertainty

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