Chapter 3 - Tom's

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I composed myself after a good ten minutes of hyperventilating, just in time for Ruby and Melissa to round the corner and find me. Apparently, Kai had told them I was speaking to the ‘new kid’ Jake and that he must have said something to gee me up. Kai wasn’t happy about it, in fact he was fuming. I made another lie up, telling them he was making casual conversation about Psych class when we wandered off topic and he asked about my mother and father, I broke down at the mere mention of my mother and that’s why I bolted. Kai was skeptic though, of course, I think he was looking for an excuse to hate Jake.

“We can skip class if you want” Kai suggested as he walked me to Phycology class once I'd cooled down.

“No, it’s okay” I weakly smiled.

“If he says anything, I can have him sorted out, he can’t just come into this school and start causing trouble” He continued, ranting off his steam.

“No Kai, I said it’s fine, you misunderstood” I shot, not wanting to start any trouble. I wouldn’t be the girl that guys started fights over, I refused to be that girl in the middle.

“Okay” He eased up, sensing my frustration before brushing the back of his thumb over my cheek, the last load of kids beginning to pack into the classroom, that including Jake who was now having a death stare match with Kai.

“Drop it” I shoved a hand against Kai’s chest, catching his eye at the subtle contact before he smiled and walked off. I rolled my eyes and followed in tow towards the unknown, I kept my distance, and hoped Jake would find somewhere else to sit from now on, but of course, that wasn’t going to happen unless I paid someone to do so.

I took my seat and tried to calm my breathing. All I kept thinking was, ‘this man appeared in my dream, then my school, and he knew he had appeared in my dreams, and to my astonishment, he thought the entire thing to be worthy of a charming half smile’. I wanted to slap myself, I wanted to slap him, I wanted to run, but I wanted to be sane and pretend it never happened. What would he do then? He couldn’t do anything, right?

Before I could pay too much attention to him beside me, my eyebrows creased at the empty seat to my right where Whitney had sat all year for the past two years, she had never missed a class, even when she was on the brink of passing out from sickness, she would sit there sniffling and drowsy, so for her to not be here today, made me uneasy.

Mr Warner began the class with his usual tirade of rhetorical questions, by this stage I'd be fully invested in what he had to sa,y keen to learn anything and everything new, but now, there were other things on my mind, strange things that weren't’ humanly possible, and it was only day two. How on earth was I going to cope?

“I didn’t meant to make you upset earlier” He started within ten minutes of the class, whispering gently towards me.

“I’m trying to learn here” I sighed. How had he not intended to make me upset? Did he think I was going to be happy about the fact he was able to prove the impossible? If he did, he was more insane than I was, and that itself seemed impossible.

I could see a small smile envelope his perfect lips, but dared not to turn as my heart began to beat erratically. I wanted to smack the smile right off of his face.

“You aren’t like the other girls here, you seem to really dislike me” He continued anyways as I rolled my eyes again. He spoke as though he was proud of the fact I did not like him.

“I'm glad you know where I stand then” I shot simply.

“It’s kind of insulting” He narrowed his eyes on me, his broad body leaning forward on the desk as he tried to look directly at my face. I was sure he knew that once our eyes connected, that I couldn’t look away. He was playing me like a piano.

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