Chapter 13 - Answers

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"Where are we going?" I asked quietly as the car roared to life, Jake pulling a violent controlled U-turn towards the road

"When is your father due back?" He ignored my question

"A few weeks" I panicked, unsure

"How many weeks Haven?" Jake grumbled as we soared down the dark road

"Four weeks" I admitted with a grunt as I leaned my arm against the window and watched the white lines on the road flash past

"You need to stop treating me like your enemy here Haven" Jake grumbled with white knuckles tight around the steering wheel

"I don't even know who you are" I slightly raised my voice towards him

"The whole reason you are in this mess is because of me, the less you know, the better" He mumbled to himself.

"I'm in this mess Jake, the more I know the better, I need to know what's going on as it's already going on!" I spat back

He gave a deep sigh, seeming to think about it as I recognized the roads we were going down. We were going towards my home.

"I'll tell you, let's just get on the road first" He surrendered raising more questions

"Where are you taking me?"

"Away, until I sort out what to do next" He admitted again as a silence fell around us.

Once we were parked in my driveway, the silence was close to strangling me.

"What now?" I whispered as he narrowed his eyes on my home

"Get some clothes, your personal belongings, anything you need to survive the next few weeks away from home" He instructed as he pulled his door open and signalled for me to go inside.
I climbed up the stairs as Jake trailed behind me, his posture rigid.

I did as I was told, but the moment I placed my key into the door to push it open, Jake's hand flew out in front of me

"Wait..." He whispered tensing in front of me as he slowly pushed the door open

"What?" I waited as he slow motioned a step inside the door

"They've been here already" He whispered as he flicked the hall light on, the scene in front of me freezing me in my place.
The pure horror of what I saw forced me to really understand the seriousness of the situation. Our furniture had been upturned, the lounges torn to shreds, personal belongings were scattered across the room. No stone had been left unturned in the violent attack.
My mouth hung open as I stepped forward, Jake now examining the scattered objects as he placed his folded hands behind his head

"What were they looking for?" I questioned to myself as I stepped over cutlery and smashed picture frames

"You" Jake grimly answered, creating a shutter of goose bumps up my arms.
I watched carefully as Jake's face twisted in anger, his eyes gazing down at a single piece of paper lying on the kitchen bench.

"What is it?" I asked avoiding stepping on my destroyed property to see the note

"A warning" He said in between gritted teeth as I read over the paper beside him

'She's dead'

"Get your things, quick" He mumbled angrily

I watched his jaw twitch as he spoke, his arms leaning against the bench, muscles tensed

I stepped away, moving to collect whatever I could find.

Unfortunately, my room was in the worst of condition than any other room. Every single item I owned, had been touched, broken, or thrown across the room.

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