Chapter 30 - Run

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Julian and I stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Jake as the eyes returned to us in curiosity.

“That went better than expected” I told Julian through sigh, forgetting about what I had discovered of my dad. I was still in shock, but what Blaine had told me, put my mind to ease. I trusted my dad, regardless, I knew everything he did was for me, and he’d more than proven that.

“Jake’s not happy though” Julian smiled, pleased.

“When is he ever happy?” I rolled my eyes.

The air around me was tense, thick and hot. I could feel myself struggling to breathe as we waited, what on earth was taking Jake so long? I sighed and tried to gain my normal breathing back, but it was near impossible with so many eyes on me.

“I’ll meet you out front, I need some air” I told Julian as he glanced at me concerned.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just… need air” I smiled lightly at him, fanning my face with my hand as he nodded.

I turned and practically darted out the house, needing for the glares to fall off of my every inch. The moment I stepped out onto the stone walkway, sudden fresh cold air enveloped me with refreshing freedom. I closed my eyes and took an intake of breathe before continuing down the path, I held my dress off of the ground, not wanting to get it dirty as I moved towards the road.

I was still reeling from today’s events, and it seemed that every day spent with the brothers, would end up revealing more than ever expected. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t normal, I couldn’t believe I was something more. Eight weeks ago, I was a normal, carefree, happy teenager enjoying her high school life with friends, and now… now I was a Curatio, a person with healing powers who had a father with a secret supernatural life. The past few days events blew my mind and I couldn’t quite grasp the idea of being in such a new world.

This wasn’t real; these kinds of things just didn’t happen to someone like me.

“It’s nice out here” A small voice suddenly startled me jerking my head sideways.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you” The woman I instantly recognized stood beside me, her eyes gleaming towards me as her Vanilla scent overpowered me.

“That’s okay” I mumbled, uninterested in talking to her.

“You look beautiful, that dress, it must have cost a lot” She smiled as she studied me up and down.

“Not really, I borrowed it” I shrugged

“It suits you” She complimented unnecessarily.

“Thanks” I spoke simply again

“So you came here with the brothers I saw earlier” She continued despite my blatant remarks.

“I did” I replied shortly again knowing she was digging for information on her ex.

“How are they? I haven’t seen them in a few weeks” She fished.

“Fine I guess” I shrugged again, eager for Jake and Julian to make an appearance sometime soon.

“I haven’t seen you around before, are you new here?”

“Yeah, just visiting” I told her with a nod.

“So you aren’t staying long?”

“Hopefully not” I scoffed

“You don’t like it?”

I hesitated “Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t”

“Is it the environment or simply the company you keep?”

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