Chapter 23 - Revelations

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It seemed as though I had underestimated Julian after all. Moments later, he returned into the room carrying a flat screen TV in both arms effortlessly. I gapped as he winked passing me before placing it down on the cabinet in front of us. Jake still sat beside me, eager to keep an eye on his flirtatious brother despite the both of us knowing he wouldn't do anything out of line towards me.

It wasn't long before the TV was set up and Julian was throwing names of movies towards me. It was safe to say, he was obsessed with films, action seeming to be his favourite.

After about twenty minutes, dozens of movie titles later, we'd agreed on one. Comedy seemed necessary at this point in our lives, so it wasn't argued when we placed White Chicks on. Julian sat himself on the one seater, not game enough to squeeze in between me and the other empty side of the couch. I'd surprisingly devoured my sandwich and was glad I had forced myself to eat it. The numb feeling was starting to quickly wear off and I was worried the pain would return intolerable.

 Throughout the movie Julian would laugh loudly at the appropriate stages in turn creating a smile on my face, Jake of course keeping a straight face the entire time. I found myself giggling at points only causing Jake's eyes to stare uncomfortably.

Half way through the film, my side was completely felt and the numbness had worn off entirely. I was beginning to shift every five minutes, urging each position I sat in to make it easier. Of course, within time, Jake had quickly noticed and was now watching me every time I made a noise, every time I moved.

I pushed through the pain, leaning my head back when I thought I was going to scream breathing myself through it so I could lift my head back up.

It felt as though someone had branded me with a hot iron over and over again, the skin burning and frying under the pressure.

"I'm going to get Imelda for you" Jake mumbled once he'd witnessed enough of my squirming.

"I'm fine" I tried, the words coming out gritted in between my teeth

"You aren't" He shot before standing and leaving to find Imelda, a part of me was glad she would be on her way with something to bring back the numbness, but it would probably make me sleep again and that was something I was getting tired of doing, ironically.

"You're a tough girl, I'll give you that" Julian sighed as he looked at me.

"I don't want to sleep again" I told him, growing upset.

"Sleep is the best thing for you right now" He spoke, surprising me with his honestly and concern instead of insults and jokes "Your body heals faster when you're relaxed and asleep"

"I know" I admitted returning my eyes to the movie

"I like hearing you snore too, it deletes any idea of you being flawless from my mind" Julian continued, the joke causing me to smile.

"Oh thanks" I told him sarcastically, appreciating the laughter.

Jake and Imelda's voices were then heard as they entered the room. They were talking about me and my pain threshold.

"You're in some pain?" Imelda asked as she sat beside me where Jake had been

I just nodded rolling my eyes

"I'm sorry" She smiled apologetic knowing how fed up with it I was.

"I'll give you a morphine shot which should help with pain for a few hours, it may make you drowsy too" She told me, the same apologetic smile in place as I sighed.

Imelda then opened a small container containing a needle and small bottle of clear fluid. She pierced the needle into the bottles lid and pulled the needle back, retracting the fluid inside.

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