Charlie's first group meeting.

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Saturday morning creeped up fast. Jay was leaning against Charlie's door, just watching her sleep. Gently resting his hand on her head. "Hey honey, it's eight, your teen meeting is at one."

Charlie opened her eyes. "Can Kensi come over and hang out?"

"Yeah." Jay said sitting on Charlie's bed. "After class I want you and Kensi to stop by, the district."

"Your going to work?" Charlie asked sitting up.

"Yeah but it's only for a few hours."

Erin walked in. "Jay? Charlie?"

"In here, Erin." Jay hollered.

"So the parties in Charlie's room?" Erin standing in the doorway. "May I?"

"Yeah, you can come in and sit." Grabbing her phone. Texting Kensi.

"So Charlie what are your plans for today?" Erin asked taking a seat.

"My teen meeting, then I'm coming to see the rape crisis counselor, my friend Kensi, she's coming with me, she knows all about the abuse and rapes, I told her everything, and her parents know too."

"So how did you and Kensi meet?"

"First day of school for me, we had every class together, so Kensi walked over and introduced herself, we both love to write, we both have straight A's and other stuff, anyways one night after Josh beat the crap out of me, I found myself at Kensi's front door around two that morning, bloody, and bruised, they took me in, fixed me up, and ever since then Kensi and her family have taken care of me."

"Well honey Erin and I have to go, make sure you two stop by after your meetings. "Kissing Charlie on the top of her head.

"We will I promise."

After Jay and Erin left Charlie started getting ready. Kensi called Charlie.

"Hey your doorman won't let me up."

"Hang on, put him on." Holding on a second . "Hey Mr. Rush, look my uncle said it was okay my friend comes over."


At the teen meetings.

Mrs. Wolfe said. "Class we have a new member this is Charlie Stone."

"Hi, Charlie." The group said.

"So tell us, what brings you to our group?"

"Well from the time I was two until about last week, my father beat me, and kept me chained up at night , then while I was in New York he raped me twice, I come back here he rapes me again then threw me out of the house, my uncle Jay took me in, I've been fighting my urge to drink and have sex with my boyfriend."

"Why are you fighting those feelings?"

"At night after my father was done beating me , he use to force alcohol down my throat. If I continue down the path my father left me in, I think I might self destruct and my uncle's fought way to hard to see me self destruct. And if I have sex with my boyfriend, he could be using me; to see if I'll have sex with him." Burring her head in her hands. "Why is everything so messed up?"

Mrs. Wolfe laid her hands on Charlie's back." Two people you trusted betrayed you, Charlie this is a safe place, to talk about your pain, a judgment free area, so tell us about your uncle?"

Charlie had a giant grin on her face. "My uncle Jay; he's the best, he took me, he helped rescue me after my parents stole me back."

"Okay Charlie this is a great start, who wants to go next?" 

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