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The Lost Halstead Part 2 by onechicagooo
The Lost Halstead Part 2by onechicagooo
Hollie Halstead grew up an only child to an alcoholic, drug abusing mother, so on the day of her eighteenth birthday she ran away, got a job and joined the fire academy...
What if I told you? by linsteadfanfict
What if I told you?by Stella_luna
Jay has spent many years caring for everyone, but he suddenly realizes his life is starting to pass him up. He wants a family, but his dream is starting to slip further...
linstead | secrets hurt by hannahswritingg
linstead | secrets hurtby hannah<3
❝𝚑𝚎𝚢, 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢❞ ❝𝚓𝚊𝚢...❞ - Intelligence has a spot open and Jay Halstead knows exactly the right person to fill it. He goes to New York and discovers a big secre...
The Linstead Love Story by JayXErin
The Linstead Love Storyby L•I•N•S•T•E•A•D
Jay and Erin's love story. Will their ups and downs be too much for their relationship to handle? I own none of NBC's Dick Wolf characters. Hope you enjoy the story and...
Linstead - Time To Fix Things by JessBevan
Linstead - Time To Fix Thingsby JB
A Linstead Fanfic, based 5 months after Erin left to go to New York. She finds out she is pregnant and thinks she can do it alone, but when she's 8 months she realises s...
That's Why You Have Backup ~Chicago PD Fanfiction~ by emjem27
That's Why You Have Backup emjem27
When Halstead and Lindsay are abducted, the Intelligence unit will stop at nothing to get them back. I own nothing.
Is this the end! by linsteadfanfict
Is this the end!by Stella_luna
Hank finds out that he is sick, so he ask Trudy if She can get her to come back. When she does come back everything is not what it seems. All characters except Bia and...
The surprises life gives you by Linsteadfan01
The surprises life gives youby Onechicago
Based on 1 year after Erin left Chicago
That beautiful face I once saw by Justice22xo
That beautiful face I once sawby Justice22xo
5 years since she took the job. But when they find each other how is going to be? Might be two shots or a whole story don't know yet.
Holding Onto Him by ClaryandJaceLover
Holding Onto Himby ClaryandJaceLover
Erin Lindsay a former intelligence unit detective turned FBI agent returns to Chicago and has to confront her decisions, secrets and past in order to have a life with Ja...
The Return.... by linsteadfanfict
The Stella_luna
When tragedy hits she has to return home but is every ready to see her.... I don't own these characters except for Leo and nick. All other characters are for nbc and Chi...
Pain & Love by linstead_love
Pain & Loveby Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead
Taking place after season 2 of the show (Chicago P.D.), Erin Lindsay is struggling after her best friend Nadia was murdered by Yates. Her boyfriend and partner, Jay Hals...
Love Never Disappears.  by alishakhali
Love Never Disappears. by leeeeshyy_123
This is based a year after Erin left! What's happening with Jay Halstead? And what about Erin? And if she returns what happens to this phenomenal love story? Will her co...
Erin & Jay by 5SOS12353
Erin & Jayby Snowflake_blossoms
This story is set a year after Erin leaves for New York. Erin makes a decision and that decision can make or break her career. I don't own these characters.
Detective Stiles Stilinski {Stydia} by loner3579
Detective Stiles Stilinski {Stydia}by loner3579
This is an alternate universe. There is no supernatural. Life is normal. Everything else in Teen Wolf is true, but Allison lives. Stiles leaves Beacon Hills when Scott k...
Silent Screams by Lelemaa
Silent Screamsby Lelemaa
Jay Halstead's son is missing. What happened to him and will Jay find him in time? (Jay/Erin/OC)
Linstead AU: The Game of Love by chicagopdbabes
Linstead AU: The Game of Loveby chicagopdbabes
Jay Halstead. All Star Shortstop for the New York Yankees. Erin Lindsay. Second Grade School Teacher. A long week means going to the bar with friends. Meeting each other...
Aftermath by jktwiw
Aftermathby Sherri
This Linstead story picks up after 301. Erin is struggling to come to terms with the events of the last few months. Can she move forward and build a life without Nadia...
Fractured Hearts by CPDRuzekfan
Fractured Heartsby CPDRuzekfan
The aftermath after Kim's testimony, revealing her relationship with Sean Roman. A BurZekMan story. I know I said I was done, but I'm really bummed out by what's played...
Hitting Reset (AV) Season 1: Life with a Newborn by OneChicagobyA
Hitting Reset (AV) Season 1: OneChicagobyA
What if instead of having twins first...Matt and Gabby just had a single baby? In this alternate version of Hitting Reset, follow Matt & Gabby as they start their life w...