Charlie back in the hospital.

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Erin on the phone with Chicago Med. "This is detective Erin Lindsay , my partner and I are bring in our fourteen year old daughter Charlie Stone please have Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead  ready with a gurney."

At Chicago Med, Dr. Manning and Will were ready and waiting. Jay carried Charlie over to the gurney. "Jay what happened?"

"Today Charlie wanted to see Erin at 21 so we went, then Antonio and Ruzek tell me, she's on the floor, and that she's bleeding."

"Who do you want to examine her?" Will asked.

"Natalie, you do this."

"Alright I need an ultra sound and a trauma room open." In the trauma room. "Okay I found the problem," Outside in the hallway. "One of her ovaries ruptured and two more are about to rupture."

"Nat is this because of what Bryan did to Charlie?"

"That's what it looks like, I'll get you when I'm done with the surgery."

"Erin stay here, I've got business to take care of." Jay gripping his holstered gun.

Erin grabbing Jay's arm. "What are you going to do?"

"You don't want to know." Pulling out his phone, calling state prison. "Hey I need to see image Bryan Stone, this is Detective Jay Halstead, CPD intelligence Unit." Hanging up his call. "I'm ending this now."

"Jay." Looking him in the eyes. "We'll do this together, we can call Voight, Antonio anyone. But we'll confront Bryan together. Charlie is our daughter, so lets handle this together."

Erin called Kelly Severide. "Hey Kelly, are you busy right now?"

"No why?"

"Jay and I need to step away for a little bit can you come sit with Charlie for us?"

"Yeah I can do that for you, where is she?"

"Chicago Med."

"Erin what happened?"

"I'll explain it when you get here, so can you?"

"I'm on my way."

In the operating room, Natalie and the OB-GYN on call, were in the middle of fixing Charlie up, when she coded.

"Oh, shit, she's coding, I need the paddles. Now!!!!!!"

"Okay we got her back." After taking a quick breath they continued. "Okay lets finish this."

One hour later. 

Kelly arrived at Chicago Med.

Erin gave a faint smile. "Thanks for coming. Charlie's in here resting."

"Charlie was home last time what happened?"

"Bryan happened she has extreme tearing and damage to her reproductive organs, two of her ovaries burst, they had to do emergency surgery, but we can't leave Charlie unguarded." Jay controlled his anger.

"I understand." Looking at Charlie's door. "I'll call if anything happens okay."

"Well Erin and I are going to confront Bryan about this."

"Um, I'll get 51 down here as back up."

"Thanks Kelly." Erin hugging Kelly.

Jay and Erin went into Charlie's room and kissed her goodbye.

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